15 Secrets To Triple Your Sales

15 Secrets To Triple Your Sales
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Whether you are just starting a business or you already have a medium sized company, we all know that selling is the key to the survival of any business.

And if we talk about sales, the formula to sell more has to do with having a strategy consisting of a series of apparently small actions that if done consistently, can make a difference in your results.

In business, not everything is written. There are always those who sell more and are always innovating and creating new marketing strategies. There are also other skeptics who will say “that will not work “. So do not settle for doing things the way they all do. Be daring and encourage yourself to try and create your own ideas to sell better.

Triple Your Sales

1) Promote a sales culture in your organization

There is no company in the world that can be successful if it is not clear the importance of selling. Encourages from the beginning of your venture a culture in which everyone is oriented to sales. From the warehouse person, to the receptionist and all the middle managers, everyone must know basic sales techniques to be able to attract a customer at any time. They must be trained and aware of the importance of sales.

2) Form a successful sales team

Every successful company must have a very effective sales team that go out and bring business. This team can have 2 people, 20 or 100. The important thing is that it is the group of advisors that is 100% focused on the promotion and sale of products and services of the company. They require constant motivational and professional training but they are the ones who attract the money. You should consider a fair and generous compensation plan so that your sales team works perfectly.

3) Get new prospects

Every month you should consider a strategy to add new customers to the portfolio. Prospecting potential customers, making some calls and carrying information about your company and products can mean that new valuable customers are added.

4) Increase the frequency of visits to your current customers

To achieve more orders at first you must increase the number of prospects and the number of visits you make. A couple of visits or more calls a week could make the difference between 5 and 7 additional orders. Multiply it by the number of clients in your portfolio and you will soon see important differences.

5) It attracts attention with good creative promotions

The difference between a promotion that provides results and another that usually does not reside in that the first is strategically designed to generate more sales with a very small extra investment. Some common strategies include slightly increasing the price of some products to offer a “discount” to your customer or a “second half price” or “2×1” slogan.

6) Offer additional benefits to your best customers

A customer who purchases more units or more frequently should be rewarded to incentivize their purchases. If your client, for example, usually asks you for 25 pairs of shoes you can offer him this month for each order of 40 pairs, you can give him a free polish kit. Obviously the gift must have a minimum cost that is used as a hook to achieve a larger order since a good incentive can easily increase your orders.

7) Always negotiate and obtain greater advantages

Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate! Remember that all the time you must be negotiating. If you distribute a product line, you must also sell yourself as a customer to your suppliers and obtain additional benefits with them. Ask them for gifts for the purchases you make, discounts or any additional added value, and use these to transfer them to your customers and thus obtain larger orders without any direct investment. Remember that the gain is in the purchase more than in the sale.

8) Take care of your customers even with your teeth

We are in the era where speed in delivery and quality in service are fundamental elements that will give you unique competitive advantages. Check and constantly improve your ordering and delivery processes to fully satisfy your customer’s expectations and remember that a satisfied customer will keep buying you even if you do not have precisely the “best price”.

9) Create a client-friend program

You can invent a point system per purchase in such a way that when your client gathers a certain number of points you can give him a gift or a special discount on his next purchase. Delivering a promotional ticket every time you place an order contributes to customer loyalty by reminding you that if they keep buying you in a short time they will have some extra benefit from you.

10) Rate the referred clients

Everyone knows someone who will be interested in your product. And if you have a healthy and satisfied portfolio of 50 customers, you can let them know that for every 2 customers that refer you, you will be giving them a 5% discount on their next purchase or even a special bonus. If you know how to calculate it, you will invest a small percentage but soon you will see an increase in your portfolio with the corresponding increase in medium-term sales.

11) Improve the presentation of your product

We know that “the product enters through the eyes”. If it looks good, it sells better. If it looks bad, it will be more difficult to place it. Many times we can increase our sales rates with just paying attention to the details and improving the visual presentation of our products.

12) Improve the presentation of your sellers

And if your business is services, then it means that the product has to do with you and your sales consultants. Many times, improving the presentation and personal treatment of them towards the client can motivate more sales.

13) Become a master of incremental sales

This is a very subtle but powerful strategy to triple your sales. It consists in offering your client an additional product to the product that is about to be acquired by a small incremental difference in the price. Classic example: The hamburger restaurants offer you a combo for $2.50 and when you are ready and ready to pay it the teller says with a big smile: “Sir, for only 0.25 can I change your medium drink to a big drink .. .. “And who refuses to accept it for an amount as small as 0.25 cents? I love this super strategy to increase sales. You can do it with food, with services, with cars, with whatever you want, it only depends on your creativity.

14) It offers different means of payment

Cash will soon go down in history and customers increasingly use new means of payment. If you still do not have it, consider in your procedures to accept different means of electronic payment such as debit cards, credit cards, electronic transfers, “swaps”, PayPal and even bitcoins. If you do not know in depth how to do it, documentation, investigate, ask. Remember that the aggressive entrepreneur has the ability to see, believe and do.

15) Motivate the great ideas coming from your collaborators

This last secret has to do with the people who are around you and who move your business every day. From the secretary to the boy who delivers the orders. Everyone is in the trench and they have great ideas or solutions to problems they have seen and that, if you ask them, you can get many great proposals and ideas of great value. And if the motives, even help you to make them come true.

As you can see, improving your sales has more to do with strategy and work than with investment or more costs. Most times we do not sell more simply because we do not encourage ourselves to offer our client a better proposal or to suggest the benefits of increasing his orders.

If you take the time to proactively develop these ideas and turn them into strategy, then you will discover that you can actually triple your sales and increase your revenue.

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