5 Keys to improve your lifestyle

5 Keys to improve your lifestyle
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The way you eat and the decisions you make in your daily life influence your mood. And the way it will be perceived by others will depend on its good or bad energy.

The problem is not very difficult to diagnose, in fact you know what you have when you have spent a hard week, you feel tired, weak, without the intention of practicing any activity different from everyday life and you even find yourself in a bad mood. The magic word is “stress”, the disease of the 21st century that lashes out at everyone regardless of age, sex or work.

Moreover, we know that it is difficult to control it because in the world of the new digital era where everyone is online and available 24 hours through some type of communication is almost impossible, we are all the time accelerated with a thousand things in the head to do. “The day does not reach us” we usually say, however experts in the subject say that it is about order, discipline and rest. A change of activity and the good use of time are usually the possible solution.

We can even find on the Internet advice to exercise, relax and improve our aura to have peace and feel healthy, the truth is that the subject is something that we must worry about and work on it, because excess stress can generate severe diseases or risky that come to prevent us at some point until the mobilization.

Dr. Gabriel Gómez Morales, Regional Medical Director of the Nutrition Area at Abbout, explains that feeling stress for long periods can trigger a variety of physical and emotional health problems. For that reason, it is important to recognize the signs of stress and treat them with exercise, sleep well and even with quality nutrition at early stages.


A survey conducted by the American Psychological Association ensures that episodes of stress generate unhealthy behaviors, because not only 75% of Americans reported that at some point they suffered a stress symptom , but also admitted that these episodes led them to stay I wake up at night (42%) and eat too much or eat junk food (33%).

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In this regard, Gomez states that “eating a diet rich in healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables and lean proteins, such as fish, can strengthen a firm base for your body and also helps reduce inflammation and oxidation,” says Dr. Gabriel Gómez Morales. “The components found in these foods, in addition to a healthy diet in general, are great allies to combat the side effects of stress in the body.”

Like the rest of the purposes that you set to have better income or grow professionally, health also requires discipline and commitment, it is about changes and habits that must be built little by little. So, get down to work and start practicing the tips that we are going to give you here, also remember that without health and quality of life, the rest of the goals that you hope to achieve will not be possible:

1) Check your diet: Eat foods rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, such as unsaturated fatty acids (such as salmon and tuna), antioxidants, polyphenols and carotenoids (such as bitter chocolate, green leafy vegetables, brightly colored peppers and wine). These foods, all of them included in the Mediterranean diet, are excellent for reducing inflammation.

2) Eat at home: Eating at home generally increases the possibility of having a healthy diet, since you have control over the ingredients of your dishes. A simple way to maintain a healthy diet is to have fresh, nutritious food on hand. Many of them can be frozen or dried (nuts, fruits and cereals high in fiber).

3) Exercise: Although stress sometimes makes it harder for you to be active, it is more important than ever to exercise when you feel stressed. Physical activity releases endorphins and reduces the levels of adrenaline and cortisol, helping to reduce mental stress. Endorphins are the chemicals in the brain that give riders that “push” to keep going and also allow their bodies to relax.

4) Get enough sleep: A study in “The American Journal of Human Biology” found that inadequate sleep alters the secretion of hormones that cause hunger, making you feel hungry and overeat. This is one of the reasons why you can overeat when you are stressed and need sleep. Try to sleep seven to eight hours each night.

5) Drink more water and less coffee: Have you ever had tremors from taking too much caffeine? Research shows that caffeine can make your stress response worse, so that while a little coffee can help you, you may want to look for water during the afternoon.

“Finally, do not be discouraged when you’re stressed,” says Dr. Gómez. “It’s hard to eat a healthy diet and it takes time to get new habits.”

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