5 More Ways to Put On a Superb Member Event

5 More Ways to Put On a Superb Member Event
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There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure that your member event is a success. Here are five more tips from the pros.

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Come Up with Fresh Content

Remember that your members come to your events because they want to find out something new rather than hear old news. Look to keep your content as fresh as possible and ensure it provides value and exclusivity. Sometimes this is simply a case of repackaging an existing set of content and repurposing it in a fresh way – for example, with great speakers who can bring topics to life with case studies and first-hand insights.

Bring Energy into the Mix

No member wants to sit down for ages at an event. Plan your event so that no one is sitting still for too long and incorporate plenty of activities that allow people to get moving and reenergise their brains. Breakout sessions, gamification and demonstrations, networking, refreshments and tours all provide great opportunities to get active.

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Don’t Forget the Food

It’s an obvious one, but if you are putting on an event it certainly helps to put on food and drink – and if you plan to do this, make sure it is of good quality. At the very least, put on great tea and coffee with biscuits. If your venue doesn’t allow food, then offer delegates recommendations for local places.

Keep It Going

Don’t let your event end the minute that your delegates walk out of the door. Create a content library, share images and quotes from the day, circulate presentations and set up private online discussion groups. This will help to extend the value of your event and also to get your delegates ready and pre-engaged for your next event. The right membership software, such as www.ofec.co.uk/web-and-software-development-services/membership-management-systems.aspx, can help you with this.

Make It Enjoyable

Even the most weighty events in terms of content topics can still be fun. Work hard on your agenda so that there is a blend of in-depth content and lighter activities or speaker slots that reinvigorate the room and bring some humour to the proceedings. The more enjoyable your event can be, the more people will remember about it.

With these approaches in place, your members will be clamouring to get to your next event.


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