5 of the best agendas for entrepreneurs

5 of the best agendas for entrepreneurs
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Do you find it very difficult to control the things you need to do? Are you looking for a clean interface to categorize hundreds of things at once? Are you looking for best agendas for entrepreneurs that not only works for you, but for the entire team? What importance do colors and design have?

Although there are several agendas for entrepreneurs available for the to-do list, it is essential to choose the right one and to help you, below you will find a list of the 5 best agendas for entrepreneurs that could be for you.

1. Wunderlist

It is a tool bought first by Microsoft, considered the best calendar app in 2014 and then recognized by Apple as the app of the year in 2013. It has unlimited upload options and gives you whatever you want for your business.

It allows you to create to-do lists that you can easily share with your team members, clients and even your family while respecting certain rights; moreover the user experience will not be compromised, even if more than two people will work on the same list at the same time.

The beautiful design and user-friendly interface allows you to add and search sub-tasks, to add reminders and so on. One of the most beautiful things about Wunderlist is that it has been integrated with Slack to show notifications and tasks to be done to users.

2. Trello

It is a project management software that allows you to drag color codes and create objects for things to do more efficiently. You can easily manage large projects on boards where you can add all types of lists to categorize large projects into sub-categories.

You can create cards for the items in the list and you can add dates, notes, attachments, checklists and labels to each card; the drag option is there just to move the cards between lists and boards.

The best thing about Trello is that it allows you to see your to-do list in a way that includes the calendar to check the tasks you need to do shortly and you can drag your list to the date that interests you.

With the free version of Trello you can create endless lists, boards, cards, checklists, integration with tools and so on, while with the paid version you have more space, customization, privacy options and more.

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3. Google Keep

It’s a beautiful tool for those looking for a place to create and save notes and lists quickly and then access them through different devices. Basically, it’s a simple notepad that integrates with Google Drive, where you can insert photos, text notes and synchronize them with multiple devices and clouds.

Although you don’t have a number of options that offer other tools, if you use Google Drive a lot and like to create and edit lists, believe me, this app will be the best solution for you; here is a video that will tell you more.

4. Todoist

It is a powerful tool that includes many options, which allow you to organize things to do based on date, color code and much more. Although the free version is few options, the design is very nice and simple to use; this tool allows you to create sub-categories, projects and sub-projects.

Moreover you can also add delivery dates to these tasks, giving them priority using a color system, classifying them and so on; while the paid version allows you to use notifications, reminders with an email, labels and filters.

It is available for most platforms including web, iOS, Android, Windows, OSX, extensions for Firefox and Chrome, Plugins for Gmail, Outlook and Thunderbird. Of course, it can also integrate with Google Drive, IFTTT and Sunrise Calendar.

5. TaskQue

It is a powerful project management tool created specifically to improve productivity through better organization of things to do. TaskQue allows you to create endless areas, tasks and projects and the free version offers everything an entrepreneur wants to manage all the main operations.

Believe me, it has some very nice options, like Queue and Workload that many other apps don’t have.

With this tool you can create to-do lists, set dates, prioritize and integrate them with services like Google Drive and Dropbox; you can access it anywhere and at any time, all you need is an internet connection and a browser.

The free version offers several options, but the business plan allows you to have access to all the options including, alerts, reminders, attachment size (100MB), unlimited discussion boards, summaries (projects, resources), user role ( administrator / normal / limited), external customers to talk to, and so on.

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