6 ideas for starting your own business without investing

6 ideas for starting your own business without investing
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If you are looking for an income supplement to your salary or an idea to start an alternative business, I can give you 6 tips to start an easy and investment-free business. Making your own use of the web is undoubtedly the easiest, fastest and most important way, low cost. So you will be able to apply all your talent and creativity in a profitable business. So I’ll give you 6 business ideas that are easy to apply and can be put into practice in 2018.

Sell homemade products

If you do not have a good business idea you could always take an old idea, review it, personalize it and make it a business. And what better chance to start selling your homemade products? They are called artisans and make products for resale to end consumers. If you have a particular interest in homemade products, if you can build something, create objects or draw or paint, you are ready to launch your business.

Some examples? Objects made with clay, ceramic, glass or felt and felt but also necklaces, bracelets, paintings, photographs, t-shirts. I met boys and girls who make and sell colorful personalized business cards, original and exclusive fabric bookmarks, innovative trivets made with laundry pliers, scented candles and soap bars of all shapes and fragrances, jams and jams, perfumes and deodorants for the body based on honey and lemon. In short, people invent (and sell) everything.

Why should not you do it? All you need is an idea (and I already think I have given enough) and a lot of good will. If you do not miss your idea and will, then immediately open a website or a blog (here I’ll explain how you can build a website in perfect autonomy and with little money), create a page for every product you sell and good luck.

Sell in dropshipping

I put you in crisis, right? You probably do not know the meaning of dropshipping or maybe you know it but you think this technique is not for you. In both cases, in my opinion, you should pay close attention to this technique as it will allow you to earn some extra money.

Dropshipping is, in short, a commercial model in which a seller sells a product without materially owning it in his warehouse but relying on a supplier (called dropshipper) who owns the goods and who will send it directly to the final consumer. Easy, no? Thus, with the dropshipping technique, one becomes, in short, intermediaries of one or more productsfacilitating the sale. The gain is given by the difference between the price at the dropshipper and the sale price to the final consumer.

With dropshipping, therefore, you have the opportunity to create an online sales activity without necessarily having to support large investments or have warehouses or employees.

starting your own business

Trading of domains

With the buying and selling of website domains you can make bigger business and earn some nice money. Imagine that I am the CEO of a company that sells boiled potatoes. For my e-commerce I would like to have the web address example.com but, unfortunately, it is owned by Mr. A guy who sells it for a thousand dollars.

For the purpose of indexing on the main search engines that domain becomes a necessary choice for me even at the cost of paying a disproportionate amount. Here, this could be your new business. Find a keyword for a domain, become an owner and wait for a buyer. Buy a free domain today costs you around 50 dollars. By selling it within 1,000 years, the investment generates one capital gain of 2,000%. I do not believe there are investments that make so much.

Sell video clips

For some years now, the web has noticed video content: they are much more viral than textual content, they attract visitors, amplify sales and maximize profits. In short, the hen with golden eggs? Probably yes. But provided you make good videos. And not everyone is good at it. Needless to say, it is not enough to have a smartphone with a video camera to churn out viral videos. If you have a minimum of equipment you can make small video clips for sale.

If I had to make video clips for this site, I would definitely look for movies related to the payment of taxes, business, banks, the Inland Revenue or the Ministry of Finance. Here, find a niche market to which you feel carried and with the video camera in your pocket begins to travel around your city. You will surely find great inspiration. Then come home, download everything on your computer, cut, mount and sell your finished video clip. At this link you will find everything you need for your video editing.

Create smartphone app

If at this moment I flip through my smartphone I find dozens of applications: an app to send emails, one to surf the web, to listen to my favorite music, to know train and airplane timetables, to play sports, to chat, to find the nearest restaurant, to book the carpooling, to check the real time trend of the international stock exchanges. So there’s an app for everything. The apps have changed the way we relate to smartphones and the world.

Create an app, enter it in stores, allow it to be downloaded for free and you will see that someone will find your product interesting. If then, as well as interesting, it is also useful to see that your app will spread like wildfire both abroad. Yeah, but how do you make money with the app if I just said to have it downloaded for free? Simple: just provide a free basic version and a version with advanced features for a fee. Do not put big numbers: a good price for an app is 0.99 dollars.

Very well, you will tell me, the theory is clear but the practice a little less. How do I make smartphone applications? I’ll give you some easy advice. First of all I suggest you refine your knowledge on Android for several reasons. Android is an operating system for mobile devices that has reached an almost global spread. Around 2 billion people around the world use Android. It is a very versatile operating system: smartphones, tablets, watches, cars, televisions, home appliances. Many devices use Android. Starting to program applications for Android, you will be able to maximize business opportunities.

Web teacher

If you know of a subject you can teach it to those who want to learn. Each of us has a passion, a special interest. In short, each of us knows so much about a few things. Well, our knowledge can be made available to others. On the web there are many students who take online courses to learn a trade or to deepen their knowledge on a certain subject. And you could be their teacher.

Do business using the Web

As you can see the Web today offers many business opportunities. Just identify what you like best and create your business. Simply use the right tools without having to invest capital. In this article I gave you 6 tips to put into practice right away.

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