A terrible fire in the city of london

A terrible fire in the city of london
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Back in 1666 a huge fire broke out in a small bakery in London and in no time at all it spread across the city destroying anything in its wake. Fire’s spread incredibly quickly and can soon become too big to tackle safely which is why there are legal requirements on every building to ensure that they are not only made of safe materials but that they have policies and procedures in place to deal with any incidents that may occur. For this reason many businesses use a Fire Safety Consultancy Bristol business to ensure that they are fulfilling all of their legal obligations in terms of keeping their staff and visitors safe in the event of a fire. The fire in London lasted for a total of 4 days and it is thought that more than 13,000 homes were burnt to the ground.

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Here are some facts about that event for you to have a read through:

  • The fire started out in a bakery in Pudding Lane, the exact cause is not fully known but a 10 month drought period had led to the city area being incredible dry.
  • Houses during the 1600s tended to be built of wood and straw which are incredibly good at fuelling a fire (which is why we use them on fires nowadays) and the houses were also placed very close together in order to try and pack as many of them into a small area as possible.
  • The reason we know so much about the fire is that many people, including Samuel Pepys,wrote in their diaries and journals about the events during those four fateful days. There were also a number of artists who produced works of art that depicted the city on fire.
  • Fire safety during these times would have been minimal and in order to fight fires leather buckets and water squirters would have been used. We have advanced in these areas dramatically which is one of the reasons why fires are not as regular an occurrence as they were in the past.
  • Those people who were lucky enough to escape their burning homes were housed in tents across the city of London whilst their homes were rebuilt. These rebuilt houses were made from bricks and there was a larger distance put between each of the houses.

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  • As a way to commemorate the events that took place a monument designed by Sir Christopher Wren was produced and still stands in the city today.

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