BMW R 1250 R 2019: The naked bike has 136 hp and more equipment options!

BMW R 1250 R 2019: The naked bike has 136 hp and more equipment options!
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True to its style, the BMW R 1250 R has also received the new Variable ShiftCam engine developed by the Bavarian brand. The German roadster is now more powerful, more refined and softer, although aesthetically there are no notable changes.

With 136 hp and 143 Nm of torque, BMW’s large bi-cylinder naked has been updated with the technological equipment and customization possibilities as big claims.

BMW R 1250 R: Naked to the German

On the outside there are few changes, if any, in the new BMW R 1250 R. This German roadster remains true to its principles and its hallmarks are the same: compact headlight, bulky tank, the boxer engine protruding and the Monobrazo rear paralever.

BMW R 1250 R 2019

Although the naked of the boxers was renewed not too long ago, the truth is that aesthetically it is noted that it is not among the most current naked. As usual, those from Munich want to play the trick of the family image, staying committed to a recognizable stamp and that is good for fans of German designs but negative if we put it in the perspective of a market with dramatically more modern designs.

The exterior and equipment modifications of this 2019 version include standard LED indicators, a different radiator molding, a motor keel, a BMW Connected Ride and a hill start assistant.

The biggest novelty of the model focuses, again, on the re-engineered boxer engine that debuted in the BMW R 1250 GS that we tested a few months ago. With a 7% higher displacement that reaches 1254 cubic centimeters, the cifas have been significantly improved with 136 hp at 7750 revolutions (+ 9% power) and a torque that reaches 143 Nm (+ 14% delivery).

Apart from the displacement, the great distinction is in the ShiftCam system, new cylinder heads that enclose a variable distribution that changes the position of the intake camshaft. The variation in the opening and elevation times of the valves on paper achieve a finer performance, less emissions and lower consumption.

BMW R 1250 R 2019

But is this noticeable? Yes, and a lot. The previous boxer of 1,170 cc of water already took a step forward in terms of smooth response, but now the qualitative leap is even bigger. In the low zone of revolutions, dropping a lot the engine shows much more velvety. It does not become as docile as a four-cylinder but there are no coughs, no kicks, no gaps in the throttle response.

This change is especially noticeable in the city, where we can take advantage of all the available torque from below without having to pull the clutch. Changes have also been made to the transmission system and life at low turns becomes something nobler, absent mechanical discomfort.

Looking for wider areas the BMW R 1250 R also surprises, and is that the stretched of the new boxer is considerably more energetic. The roadster of the propeller feels more comfortable playing in the high zone, it pushes with vehemence and it allows us to stretch even more the marches between zones of curves. This engine has not only won in softness, it has also done it in fun.

BMW R 1250 R 2019

Arriving at our favorite stretch of curves the R is still distinguished by that docile but solid behavior. The change from Telelever to inverted front fork from our point of view was a success and is that the front wheel has a fantastic footprint. Now, we cannot reproach him for the agility of other models of the competition because his approach is different.

Equipped with a double 320mm front disc bitten by Brembo four-piston radial brake calipers, its braking capacity is more than enough. The touch is good, forceful but classifiable and is able to stop without complications 239 kg of weight in running order.

The R 1250 R is the formalization of the roadster concept, a motorcycle to enjoy on any type of roads at an average pace. When we accelerate the pace, we can see that its approach is something more conservative, something that is neither good nor bad, it is simply different from the more radical tendencies of the market. Now, its stability is faultless.

On fast roads his genetics roadster, naked motorcycle, has its pros and cons. It is comfortable, pleasant to wear since the vibrations have been reduced to the minimum expression and their consumption is quite tight. On the other side of the balance as is logical the aerodynamic protection is zero, so better to enjoy the trip on secondary roads because, in addition, the tarado of the suspensions is pulling hard.

BMW R 1250 R 2019

The electronics remains one of the main attractions at BMW. Equipped with the brand’s fully digital control panel, it encloses a technological arsenal that includes driving modes, ABS, traction control and semi-automatic gearbox only for gear up, while optionally it can be assembled with ABS in curves, Pro driving, dynamic traction control and bidirectional semi-automatic change.

The change is still one of the pending tasks at BMW because this time we have also been able to test it with the bidirectional quickshifter and, although it works correctly and better still than before, it still lacks the smoothness of the systems that use KTM o Ducati, for example, especially in partial gas openings or at low revolutions.

A starting price in the middle and upper with all the extras

The price of the BMW R 1250 R starts at 15000 dollars, an amount in the middle of the segment but considerable at the time of adding options that do provide other alternatives as standard.

As standard it is only available in black and to change the color among other aesthetic elements you have to choose the Exclusive or HP finishes, apart from the numerous Option 719 customization options.

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