Buying Guide: Best Smartwatch 2018 – Android, Apple, Xiaomi and Fitbit

Buying Guide: Best Smartwatch 2018 – Android, Apple, Xiaomi and Fitbit
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When you go to buy a smartwatch, given the great variety of models available today, it is important to look at the technical characteristics as well as the aesthetics of the watch.

The smartwatch can be a simple interface of the phone in which to receive notifications, or it can be used as a smartphone, with the only difference being a smaller screen and worn on the wrist.

In this article we discover which are the best smartwatch watches that can be bought, emphasizing for each of them the most important technical characteristics also in relation to price, giving less importance to the aesthetic judgment that remains personal.

Best Smartwatch 2018

Smartwatch: Features

To be truly avant-garde we must observe the technical card of the chosen smartwatch and check that there are the following features …

– Connections: The presence of Bluetooth is essential to communicate the smart watch with the smartphone in our possession. Some also feature WiFi and NFC technology for connections and advanced features such as contactless payment.

– OLED Display: We focus on smartwatches that adopt the OLED or high-contrast technology, which allow you to see the screen and notifications even in conditions of intense light, where usually many displays are in obvious difficulty.

– Operating System: even the smartwatches must be managed and the better the operating system will be the better the things we can do. Currently, the recommended systems are Android Wear and WearOS of Apple, but can also be used proprietary systems that offer an experience similar to that of the mentioned systems.

– Apps: Many phone apps automatically interface with the configured smartwatch, in other cases we can install real independent apps on the smart watch. The best approach also depends on our needs.

– Battery: There are many possibilities in this case, choose one that lasts at least 15 hours continue to always on screen if we do not want to recharge our smartwatch too often.

– Strap: The strap is preferable to have it interchangeable, even if there are models that offer only one type of strap and it is not possible to easily change it. Choosing a beautiful strap will not disfigure and we can match it to the way we dress.

Best Watches Smartwatch: Buying Guide

After seeing the features to keep an eye on when buying a smartwatch, let’s see together the best models that you should buy.

1) Xiaomi Amazfit Bip

Best Smartwatch 2018

One of the cheapest and most complete smartwatches that you can buy Xiaomi Amazfit Bip.

With this device we can consult the notifications of any app (both from Android and iPhone), check who calls us without taking the phone in hand, count steps taken and act as a heart rate monitor for our activities, set alarms and reminders.

The display is 1.28 inches, high contrast and is waterproof (IP68).

The battery lasts up to 30 days with regular use and 45 days with minimum notifications; the operating system is proprietary but interfaces with the smartphone via a dedicated app.

2) Xiaomi Amazfit Pro

Best Smartwatch 2018

Another cheap smartwatch but with all the features we are looking for is the Xiaomi Amazfit Pro, an evolved version of the previous model.

This device offers the same advantages already seen recently on the other Xiaomi smartwatch, but the latter is optimized for fitness by offering a very special interface, with all the data related to steps, distance traveled and goal to be achieved impressed directly in the frame.

The design is decidedly sportier and appealing, suitable just for a fitness session!

Also in this case we can use the dedicated app to manage it better on both Android and iOS.

3) Asus Smartwatch

Best Smartwatch 2018

If we look for a smartwatch with Android Wear operating system we can bet on the Asus Smartwatch.

This watch may look identical to that of old watches, but offers an intelligent notification system, allows you to customize the picture with various types of hands and different backgrounds, allows you to show many notifications and widgets integrated into some types of app and allows you to independently set an alarm or reminder via voice commands (supports Google assistant).

The 1.65-inch high-contrast display can be connected either via Bluetooth or via WiFi and you can choose the color and design of the strap.

4) Samsung Gear Sport

Best Smartwatch 2018

Another smartwatch designed for athletes and for those who do a lot of gym is the Samsung Gear Sport.

The device supports Android Wear very well, integrates perfectly with Samsung Fit or any other app to count steps and heart rate so you know in advance if we are continuing in the right direction or if we have to correct something in our exercises.

Strap and resistant dial and Super AMOLED high visibility display will do the rest, for one of the most beautiful smartwatch to use.

5) Huawei Watch 2

Best Smartwatch 2018

One of the best smartwatches that can be purchased with Android Wear is definitely that of Huawei

A very refined design (it looks like a SWATCH) combines compatibility with both Android and iOS smartphones, voice commands managed by Google assistant, real time notifications, alarms, alarms and management system of steps and distance traveled, not to mention the heart rate monitor.

The strap and screen are resistant to bumps and scratches and the display is 1.2 inches.

6) LG Watch Style

Best Smartwatch 2018

If we look for a swartwatch with a certain elegant style we can focus on LG Watch Style.

This watch has Android Wear to better manage all notifications and calls, but maintains a style and a shape very similar to a classic watch, thanks to the technology that allows you to always leave the screen on so as to be always visible.

7) Fitbit Ionic

Best Smartwatch 2018

Another smartwatch designed for those who do a lot of physical activity and want to monitor everything is the Fitbit Ionic. This watch is resistant to shocks, scratches and water so you can use it even in extreme situations, thanks to its great strength.

The measurements made are among the most accurate after the Apple Watch, so if we keep this aspect should focus only on this model without hesitation.

Also great as a simple smart watch thanks to the dedicated app available for Android and iOS.

8) Apple Watch

Best Smartwatch 2018

The Apple Watch is definitely one of the best smartwatches that you can buy at the moment.

Its WatchOS operating system integrates perfectly with an iPhone only and is therefore oriented towards the most loyal customers of Apple, those who certainly will not change their iPhone for an Android smartphone even in the future (while Android Wear works with Android and iPhone).

From the point of view of build quality, the display, the customization of the strap is certainly one of the best smart watches.

With the Apple Watch we can read notifications of incoming messages, get information on the physical state, monitor the workouts, and manage the music when it is listened to with earphones and phone in your pocket or backpack and finally the ability to access Siri with the voice.

The straps are interchangeable and there are models designed for those who make fitness or gym every day, so as to resist water and sweat.

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