Original, simple and effective ideas to decorate your living room

decorate your living room

Sometimes you do not have to spend a lot of money or be an expert in decoration to give the rooms a different, original and always effective touch. It is what we are going to achieve today with the ideas that I tell you so that your room has a unique aspect.

You will do it with little effort and introducing small details that will turn it into a space with a lot of personality. Do you want to know how to get it? I’ll tell you later. Continue reading “Original, simple and effective ideas to decorate your living room”

5 Tips to choose the right career


Are you about to enter the university? Check the key factors to take into account to choose your ideal career.

Many people feel their vocation is marked   from an early age, but the vast majority arrive at the moment of entering university without being clear about what career they want to pursue; and the truth is that it is a decision that cannot be taken at random since in many cases the university career chosen is what will be done for the rest of one’s life. Continue reading “5 Tips to choose the right career”

5 Keys to improve your lifestyle


The way you eat and the decisions you make in your daily life influence your mood. And the way it will be perceived by others will depend on its good or bad energy.

The problem is not very difficult to diagnose, in fact you know what you have when you have spent a hard week, you feel tired, weak, without the intention of practicing any activity different from everyday life and you even find yourself in a bad mood. The magic word is “stress”, the disease of the 21st century that lashes out at everyone regardless of age, sex or work. Continue reading “5 Keys to improve your lifestyle”

How to use blue in interior decoration

blue in interior

There are colors that are very present in nature and that, in turn, can also express this same beauty in interior decoration. The blue is an example of this. The blue color produces a vitamin effect against stress, increasing the natural resilience of the human being through the creation of relaxed, creative and very happy environments. The blue color may be present, to a greater or lesser extent, through walls, furniture, decorative elements or textile products. Continue reading “How to use blue in interior decoration”

Vocational Guidance: 5 tips to choose your career


The time to choose a career is a stage of great uncertainty, parents, teachers, friends and family ask: What will you study? and that question feels like an interrogation that puts you between a rock and a hard place. The choice of your career should not be an impulsive decision to avoid the pressure of others’ questions and the uncertainty it causes.  Continue reading “Vocational Guidance: 5 tips to choose your career”