Original, simple and effective ideas to decorate your living room

decorate your living room

Sometimes you do not have to spend a lot of money or be an expert in decoration to give the rooms a different, original and always effective touch. It is what we are going to achieve today with the ideas that I tell you so that your room has a unique aspect.

You will do it with little effort and introducing small details that will turn it into a space with a lot of personality. Do you want to know how to get it? I’ll tell you later. Continue reading “Original, simple and effective ideas to decorate your living room”

How to use blue in interior decoration

blue in interior

There are colors that are very present in nature and that, in turn, can also express this same beauty in interior decoration. The blue is an example of this. The blue color produces a vitamin effect against stress, increasing the natural resilience of the human being through the creation of relaxed, creative and very happy environments. The blue color may be present, to a greater or lesser extent, through walls, furniture, decorative elements or textile products. Continue reading “How to use blue in interior decoration”