Dog breeds you might not think about but that make great family pets

Dog breeds you might not think about but that make great family pets
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We are a nation of dog lovers but there are some breeds that you just don’t see very often being taken on their nightly walkies! Some breeds can be ignored but in actual fact make outstanding family pets. Affectionate and good with children, why not consider inviting one of the following dog breeds to join with your family?


This awesome gentle giant is a loyal family pet and especially good with children. They need a lot of time and affection, so only choose this type if you have more time to invest. Training is very important for these dogs because Leonbergers can be mouthy and also have boundless energy. With the right amount of investment and training, you will not find a more loving and loyal companion.

Norwegian Buhund

As the name suggests, this bundle of delight comes from Norway and brings energy, cheekiness and bags of affection, especially with children. They need consistent training because they are very intelligent and love to have a purpose. Treat your new companion to Designer Dog Collars from a site like

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Australian Terrier

Very bright and friendly, this little chap will be your best friend in no time. With the face of an angel, you’ll want to keep him busy though as he can be somewhat damaging to your shoes and furniture if you let him get too bored!

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

Hailing from Switzerland, this herding dog has a very sweet character. They are incredible with kids, seeing them as another member of their pack. This trend could become a little possessive, but this can be kept in check with good training. Their size can be intimidating, so you will want to teach them to play gently as a puppy and they may be more suitable for families with children who are a little older.

Finnish Spitz

This sweet dog looks like a bit like a fox, with a pleasant, intelligent and very protective nature. They have oodles of energy and adore playing with children. Be sure to keep them safe because they have a tendency to wander.

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If you love a hug and a pair of big floppy ears, then you will fall head over heels for this breed. They are very intelligent, affectionate and love to entertain themselves, so they do not always require constant attention. They have a unique bark that also makes them a useful guard dog.

Pharaoh Hound

A seriously loyal companion, this is an exotic looking pet and one of the world’s oldest domesticated descendants. You would be hard pushed to find a bigger softy and this dog will make an excellent addition to your family unit.


These dogs are very smart and curious and really love being kept busy and being trained. They require an active family that will provide daily activities and exercise. They are very affectionate and gentle with children. Originally trained as a hunting dog, they are now gaining popularity in the category of being a much-loved family pet!


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