Drew Barrymore, a fan believes her pregnant: “No, I’m just fat”!

Drew Barrymore, a fan believes her pregnant: “No, I’m just fat”!
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The actress, recently engaged with the second season of the TV series ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, followed a rigorous diet to interpret the character. There were no breaks in the rule, during breaks on the set, and was found to gain weight very quickly. Sometimes it takes a few extra pounds, and the misunderstanding is around the corner, as she tells herself.

A fan of Drew Barrymore believes her pregnant and she replies: “No, I’m just fat”. The stunning 43-year-old actress reveals it at The Late Show, along with other behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the TV series Santa Clarita Diet, which saw her as a ‘zombie mother’. To interpret it has lost 10 kg, but during the break from the set, it is immediately greased.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore: The actress talks about her weight

To play the character in Santa Clarita Diet, Drew Barrymore followed a rigorous diet, some of it ‘nullified’ by letting go during breaks on the set.

The actress is a vegetarian, but had to ‘fight’ with a role that saw her in close contact with the meat.

The goal, at the start of the shoot, was to lose at least 10 kg for the first season of the TV series, which Barrymore successfully achieved.

In the second season (from March 23 on Netflix), the same thing happened, even if now the actress admits that she is ‘left again’ to the pleasures of good food.

The answer to who asks if she is pregnant

A drew Barrymore does not care much about her weight, and tells a little anecdote of her life that made you smile and even reflect.

While leaving a restaurant with her friends and their children, a fan stopped her for a brief exchange: “God, she has so many children”, the woman told her, and the star replied explaining that they were not all children her.

“Well, now she’s expecting a baby,” the fan replied, getting an unexpected spell from her idol: “No, I’m just fat right now”.

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