Fiesta ST200: a wolf in wolf’s clothing

Fiesta ST200: a wolf in wolf’s clothing
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From the Sierra Cosworth to the Focus RS, Ford has always taken its family-friendly vehicles and turned them into performance monsters to please drivers who want speed without having to sacrifice practicality. It is a great way to appeal to both families and individuals and couples with the same basic style of car.

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The Fiesta ST200 certainly falls into this category, since it will be the quickest version of the UK’s best-selling car that Ford has ever built.

Vital statistics

The ST200 nametag hints at the fact that this car will offer almost 200bhp under the bonnet; in fact, the horsepower comes in just shy of this figure at 197bhp, which is more oomph than offered by any past version of the Fiesta.

The fifth-generation Fiesta received an ST model; however, it only offered 150bhp and is easily eclipsed by this new model. The sixth-generation Fiesta ST upped this output to 180bhp, still coming in behind its recently-revealed big brother.

The engine of the ST200 is a 1.6-litre power plant that has Ford’s well-received EcoBoost technology on board to squeeze out even more speed. This is the same engine found in the standard ST; however, it has had even more tuning and tinkering carried out to give it more power and also 20 per cent more torque. The result is certainly impressive.

With all this taken into account, the ST200 should be able to hit 62mph from a standing start in 6.7 seconds. It will go on to reach a top speed of a very respectable 143mph.

All of these incredible features will be looked at by a Gloucester MOT company annually to make sure that the car is safe to be driven on the roads for another year.

Styling adjustments

The ST200 will not only stand out from its standard ST sibling in terms of performance but also Ford has made alterations to the exterior styling to ensure it looks uniquely alluring.

With an attractive Storm Grey paint job, this newly-announced model is subtly good looking; meanwhile, the addition of alloy wheels featuring a matt black finish will definitely turn heads on the road.

Internally there will be special touches added to the ST200 that make sure anyone sitting inside knows that this is a very unusual Fiesta. As with all Ford cars, it will undoubtedly be reliably put together and offer a solid array of options that can be specified at the point of sale.

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