Five Air-Purifying Plants for Your Office

Five Air-Purifying Plants for Your Office
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Peace Lilies Spruce Up Modern Spaces

Plants are an excellent addition to any office, and not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they are also a good choice for purifying the air. A low-maintenance plant which removes pollutants makes an ideal office accessory.

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Peace lilies make perfect plant companions for the home or office. Not only do they spruce up a modern area, but they are also known to clean the air inside. With its dark green leaves and white flowers, it’s a very striking plant, and among the pollutants it can remove are formaldehyde and ammonia.

A low-maintenance option, caring for the snake plant is straightforward. They can be neglected for longer periods of time and will still remain fresh. They can also survive in areas of low light and drought and, importantly, they have few insect problems. They also help to keep the air inside clean, clearing it of toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene.

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Aloe Vera Is the Healer

Aloe vera is a wonderful healing plant, and it grows best in sunlight. It’s another plant that needs very little maintenance and can go without water for weeks, removing formaldehyde from the air. Offering a tropical flair, the gel from the aloe vera plant is widely known to relieve sunburn and assist with wound healing.

A dracaena requires a bit more attention, with the plant requiring water at least once a week. This particular plant can grow quite tall and serves as a slick floor plant in a modern office setting. An added bonus is that it removes benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.

A low-maintenance plant will not require much care, and there will be no mess made such as shedding leaves. If, however, you do require the services of a commercial cleaning company, there are many such as Visit Intocleaning which will provide an excellent service. Companies involved in office cleaning in Cheltenham offer floor, upholstery and carpet cleaning.

According to NBC News, more Millennials are joining the band of green-thumbed people who look after plants.

The Spider Plant is a more versatile plant which is easy to maintain. They are often planted in hanging baskets. Watering is only required around once a week, and the plant is good at removing the toxins formaldehyde and Xylene.

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