How to furnish a small bedroom? 7 space saving ideas

How to furnish a small bedroom? 7 space saving ideas
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The contemporary furniture offers many solutions for those who have a small home, but need space. Thus, by choosing the right measures, a small bedroom becomes spacious as well.

Houses shrink more and more as objects, and space requirements seem to widen dramatically. How to get everything in a small apartment … and above all: How to furnish a small bedroom in the right way so as to find space for the objects?

Fortunately, compared to a few years ago, modern bedroom designs for small rooms make solutions seem to meet these needs, giving numerous ideas to make the most of the space. It will be the modern effect, but everywhere you can open cabinets, benches that can be chairs or comfortable closets, container beds, lofts and so on.

Let’s see together some ideas to increase the space available in your bedroom … despite the small size …

1 – Container bed

small bedroom

The container bed is the most immediate solution for furnishing small spaces. In the past it was certainly not thought of cluttering the space under the mattress, but today that room is the ideal place to store everything that is not touched with great frequency: changes of season, towels and sheets and so on.

2 – Raised bed

small bedroom

The raised bed is a recent development of the modern bedroom designs … I’m certainly not talking about the raised beds of the children under which it is easy to use the space for free time, but higher beds under which real closets are mounted. In short, the classic 20/30 cm height of the container bed can be expanded with much more structured solutions that can also create very interesting design games. It is an exceptional solution for those who have few spaces horizontally, but a rather high room to be exploited vertically.

3 – Banning the classic wardrobes

small bedroom

Choosing more flexible solutions instead of bulky cabinets can be a way to have more space to place objects and clothes. You can buy modules with shelves or clothes rails, insert drawers or shoes, in short it is a very flexible solution, just a little imagination and time for design. It is not said however that we should leave the whole open composition … very uncomfortable for those who do not have the perfect order in the veins. You can decide to close the space with sliding doors or with lighter solutions composed of sliding curtains.

4 – Use of shelves

small bedroom

Even if the mothers judged the shelves only one more piece to be sprinkled … today we know: they are really useful. In fact, it is an excellent rests objects that allow you to exploit the room vertically, avoiding the encumbrance on the ground. With colorful baskets or containers can then be kept much tidier.

5 – LED spotlights and strips

small bedroom

In small spaces better to avoid lamps on the ground or chandeliers that would clog the available space. Instead, you should prefer slide changes in your interior design bedroom, as you can use spotlights or LED strips that allow energy savings and even space without giving up excellent lighting.

6 – Foldaway bed

small bedroom

If you have the idea to take advantage of the bedroom environment even during the day … for example, to create a private studio in your home, it might be a good idea to choose a wall-mounted foldaway bed. Also in this case there are commercially decided solutions that allow you to have comfortable beds for the night and a wall … also equipped for the night. Although rather appreciated especially by singles who live in studios … the retractable beds could be an excellent solution even for families with few spaces in the house.

7 – Mirror doors

small bedroom

For those who choose to close part of the room to make a wardrobe, the main suggestion is to use mirrored doors. In fact, mirrors have the ability to increase the sensation of space, thus avoiding the sense of claustrophobia resulting from a narrow environment.

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