Great Renewable Facts to Know

Great Renewable Facts to Know
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To combat the effects of fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are being used instead. Here are some incredible facts about renewable energy.

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Renewable energy sources like wind, water and solar power now generate a third of the UK’s electricity.

Using renewable energy sources creates five times more jobs than fossil fuels.

Just one wind turbine can power 1400 homes.

The first wind turbines generated just 30 kilowatts of power 30 years ago, while the latest produce 6 megawatts. That’s 25k more and can power 6k homes. If scientists find a way to harness the greatest amount of solar power from the sun, the light emitted for one day could power the entire world for a year.

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The Effect on Our Planet

In recent times, the impact of greenhouse gasses on our environment has shown worrying effects. Studies have shown that the air in our cities and towns is becoming polluted and that acidity levels in our oceans are rising. Possibly the most worrying effect of global warming is the effect of greenhouse gasses.

Human activity is almost certainly responsible for the ‘warming’ trend this world has been experiencing. The use of fossil fuels has created the greenhouse effect. Gasses are released into the atmosphere, creating a layer above the earth. This layer of gasses means that heat cannot escape back in to the atmosphere, effectively heating the planet. NASA has been conducting many experiments on how detrimental this effect is on the planet.

The Use of Generators

Doing your bit to combat climate change can be simple. You could source a generator rental company. Generators create electricity or another form of utilisable energy. Wind and water turbines power generators, making the carbon footprint exponentially lower. The traditional means of powering generators using steam turbines that burn fossil fuels is exacerbating the issue of releasing harmful gasses. If you are asking yourself ‘how do I rent a generator?‘, do not worry; generator rental companies are happy to help you with everything you need to know.

Whether you are in a company and wish to source new generators that will convert renewable energy or you want to reduce your carbon footprint at home, you can use a generator to take responsibility and reduce your carbon emissions.


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