How PDA devices are benefiting property inventories

How PDA devices are benefiting property inventories
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Personal digital assistant (PDA) devices such as tablets and smartphones have become ingrained into our lifestyle. They help us to communicate, record our lives, provide information about the world around us, navigate from A to B, and to manage our daily lives. Businesses have come to realise how these devices can benefit day-to-day activities – with the increasing choice of software, PDAs have rapidly become essential pieces of business hardware over the past few years.

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Software and apps developed for both generic functions and industry-specific requirements have revolutionised day-to-day business life, streamlining tasks from organising meetings to financial tasks such as managing spending and tax form submission. Take the facility for customers to sign for things digitally as an example. Couriers and postal services have been using this function for years and the benefits of this across all industries are well documented.

In the world of private and commercial lettings, landlords, property inventory firms and letting agents have also benefited from software that cuts down on admin time by processing on-the-spot property and inventory inspections and letting contracts.

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Property inventory software from specialists such as inventorybase provides landlords with inventory reports that can be compiled on site and with options to edit, customise and brand to create a professionally-designed document. Property templates, the ability to record images and a facility for tenants to digitally sign a freshly created inventory report mean that a completed document can be distributed to all parties in a single click.

Inventory and letting companies

For companies managing properties on the landlord’s behalf, software developed for use by a team of individuals makes the job just as seamless. Instead of a clipboard and pen, inventory clerks can simply fill in a template on their phone or tablet, which is also used to photograph evidence of breakages, wear and tear, and other maintenance issues. With forms and images already collated, the inventory information can be accessed immediately by other employees so that action can be taken to remedy any problems.

Business software that has been designed specifically to work on PDA devices is becoming ever-more sophisticated and widespread. It won’t be long before it will be just as firmly ingrained in the way we conduct business as it is in the way we conduct our personal lives.


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