How to do spa in hair at home step by step

How to do spa in hair at home step by step
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The SPA for Hair is the place that, perhaps, you have always dreamed of. The care of the skin and hair is completed with regenerating massages, relaxing colors and enveloping music. It designed for those who want to develop a moment of well-being in total privacy. The SPA room is equipped with chromotherapy and aromatherapy. It is conducted by experienced operators in skin massage, treatments that use the highest quality products.

The chair of the shampoo chair turns into a bed with the integrated shiatsu massage. The type of treatment is agreed after the trichological analysis. It can reveal the needs of the skin and the hair. The SPA is also the place where Oxy Hair dermo infusion oxygen treatment is used. It is ideal for thickening, stimulates tissue oxygenation and microcirculation. It is proving to be the most effective solution for all skin problems (fall, dandruff, seborrhea, etc.). The Hair SPA was created for all those who love taking care of themselves. From hair to the soul. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

How to do spa in hair

Refined and innovative protocols based on natural assets conceived as beauty treatments. It goes beyond simple care. Effective rituals based on a single diagnosis and in which specific equipment is used to nourish, oxygenate, decontract and care not only the hair fiber but also the scalp.

The treatment begins with a thorough examination with a microscopic camera to determine the condition of the scalp, hair follicle and hair. This allows a very precise diagnosis to be made.

– Then the iconic Leonor Greyl oil is applied from medium to ends, using a specific hair massage.

– The personalized treatment is then prepared based on 100% natural active ingredients and lyophilized plant extracts. At first, it applied with a brush on the scalp to the means for a perfect absorption of the active ingredients. Visit Waxing in NYC to get the best care of waxing.

– In mediums and ends the Leonor Greyl has applied again, more suitable for the type of hair to be treated.

– A complete massage on shoulders, upper back, nape, and clavicle are started to unblock the entire area. This not only has a profoundly relaxing effect. It also helps better oxygenation of the scalp and, with it, better nutrition of the hair bulb. The first stage of the massage is manual and the second, with a specific massage.

– With the body perfectly relaxed. In the case that the hair type requires it, an ozone vapor helmet is placed for 15 minutes so that the extraordinary botanical assets of the treatment penetrate and a deep regeneration takes place. During the exposure time, a hand and arm massage are performed.

– After a while, with a gentle massage on the scalp and little by little, the treatment that makes the shampoo is emulsified. Once well emulsified, it is clarified thoroughly. And then, if necessary, a supplement of trace elements is applied to restore vitality to the hair.

– The final step is a vacuum cupping massage using a cupping cup that intensively stimulates micro-circulation.

– Once the procedure is finished, the hair is again observed through the micro-camera. So that, the client can personally check the positive effects of the treatment both on the scalp and on the hair.

Hair spa benefits

The benefits of a spa for hair in an increasingly stressful and busy life are necessary. To restore our internal and external balance and re-adjust to our dirty hair rhythms. We could have gone to them but do we know to what extent a spa treatment benefits our beauty and our health?

For some time now, these benefits of hair spa have been scientifically proven. As in almost all cases, it depends on us putting ourselves in the hands of good professionals.

When we abuse our hair by too much work, stress, exercise, stress, poor diet or by the accumulation of tasks. It gives us alarm signals. It’s time to go to a spa to undergo some of their therapies. The professionals who assist us will know how to recommend which one will benefit the most.

Final thought,

A suitable hair spa will allow us to recharge the batteries, rebalance our body and our mind. Reduce the symptoms of menopause or a simple anti-stress massage. The simple fact of taking the time to stop in our lives to give us some care will improve our self-esteem, make us feel more satisfied and safe and that will also affect our beauty. Finally we recommended Spa in Manhattan and Best nail Salon in Manhattan to know more details.

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