How to promote wellness at your event

How to promote wellness at your event
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2019 will be all about wellness, both at home and in the workplace. What started as a trend in catering at events has now grown into a whole culture. As people become more aware of mindfulness in their personal lives, the atmosphere of conferences and meetings must adapt too. This helps to ensure that events gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

So, how can you promote wellness at your events?

Trying to create a culture of wellness which will align your event with what your target audience prefers in their personal lives. It’s not good enough to incorporate a couple of elements from a trend, you need to embrace the shift to create a culture and values that include wellness at the very heart of the event.

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Try to include topics that have a real-life interest to people. People are embracing concepts like anti-aging, alternative medicine, wellness tourism etc. So, why not include elements like stress management, meditation, mental health awareness, sleep health, nutrition and achieving better work-life balances. These will prove highly popular at events.

A period of time spent offline is another avenue you can explore. We all know that less screen time benefits things like focus, concentration, lower stress levels, a lower BMI and better sleep. You’ll find some offline time will benefit the attendee, as well as the event.

Some events that embrace wellness have offered activities to energise attendees, such as yoga, meditation, jogging and other physical challenges. Supplying local information about sports clubs, yoga studios, biking paths and walking trails is another great idea. Contact an Events Agency Dublin like for help planning your next event.

Another aspect of wellness that could be included is the scheduling of breaks for connecting with each other, a chance to check-in with work and to check phones and emails etc. This helps to address the personal needs of attendees and to keep stress levels as low as possible.

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Other considerations include the design of the event area to promote wellness. Routes should be open and flow well, schedules should be as stress-free as possible, ergonomic furniture and layouts should be installed and a good use of the elements should be applied to appeal to all the senses.

Whilst it’s impossible to make attendees take rest breaks and relax, clever scheduling can encourage it. Multi-day events especially can make this happen. At least one of the days should aim to start later, while evening events should be kept to a minimum. These steps help attendees to keep up with any work and get lots of restorative sleep.

Creating a culture of wellness at your event is more than just offering some healthy options to the menu and handing out water bottles. To be original and authentic is more than including some vegan dishes and a foot massage. In essence, it means improving the lives and experiences of your attendees through design based on wellness values. Achieve this, and your event becomes the ‘must attend’ event of every year.

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