How to use blue in interior decoration

How to use blue in interior decoration
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There are colors that are very present in nature and that, in turn, can also express this same beauty in interior decoration. The blue is an example of this. The blue color produces a vitamin effect against stress, increasing the natural resilience of the human being through the creation of relaxed, creative and very happy environments. The blue color may be present, to a greater or lesser extent, through walls, furniture, decorative elements or textile products.

The choice of colors in the decoration is crucial to increase the amplitude of the space from the inside. The light blue is a safe bet for small rooms. On the contrary, the darker version of this tone may be more versatile to define the personality of a larger room.

blue in interior

The blue color on the walls

The walls are not secondary elements of a stay. In fact, updating the color of the painting can be a basic resource to dress that place again with an original aesthetic. Even if only the color of the walls changes, the other details also take on a new dimension. The blue color can be a main element in the walls, or on the contrary, occupy a secondary role to define the nuances by means of the contrasts.

blue in interior

Colors that combine with blue

The success in choosing a color transcends the use of that tone in itself. That is, it is also important to select a chromatic palette of elements that harmonize perfectly with each other. Try to establish a palette composed of two or three elements. The blue color harmonizes with earth tones , white or green. Therefore, the natural landscape itself can inspire you to make color combinations to bring the nourishing force of these vital tones to the interior of the house.

blue in interior

Decoration in white and blue

If you want to combine on the basis of two colors, white and blue form a perfect union. An equation of style to create an elegant space that invites you to stay in it. An option that can be perfect for the bedroom of adults and children. This color provides a pleasant sensation of relaxation that invites relaxation. But, in addition, these colors also provide visual pleasure through the observation of its luminosity.

Turquoise blue in decoration

One of the most significant tones with vitamin effect is the turquoise that transmits vitality and strength. It is an attractive tone that differs from all the ranges of blues and that can be present in all rooms of the house. This color not only combines with white, but also with gray. In turn, it also combines with beige.

blue in interior

A sofa in blue

A blue sofa can become the star element of the lounge, a place of rest and disconnection par excellence that can benefit from the relaxing properties of this tone that is beneficial for health. The beauty of blue acquires meaning for itself both when it is integrated in large doses and when it is projected in small details.

The blue color in the office

The office is a place of work and concentration. Blue is one of the tones that stimulates creativity. Therefore, your presence in the office can be a reinforcement of the ingenuity. This color combines perfectly with wooden or white furniture.

blue in interior

The blue color on the facade

White and blue are colors that not only harmonize perfectly inside the home, but also, on the outside of the facade that decorates the street.

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