Improving your local SEO

Improving your local SEO
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If you have a bricks and mortar business, you probably wouldn’t say no to attracting more customers, right? Of course – what business wants less custom?

Running your own business is incredibly hard work and it can take up all your time dealing with your loyal customers, let alone attracting a steady stream of new ones. And where do you find the time to keep on top of your website? Chances are, you haven’t updated it or even looked at it for quite some time.

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Thankfully, it’s not as tough as it might first seem and you’re certainly not alone. Following the below steps will help you to get a step ahead of your competition and attract your ideal customers:

  1. Research the best keywords

How does a customer find you when they make a Google search? Finding the right keywords to use in your site content is the first step. Depending on your level of competition, it might be difficult to use your most important keyword or lead term. Your focus should always be on developing an understanding of the language your customers are likely to use when searching for a business like yours.

  1. Optimising the site and content

Good quality content is king when it comes to optimising your site. Good content is paramount for both your visitors and for Google’s search engine. Don’t be tempted to use the old keyword stuffing trick – it’s unpopular with customers and no longer works for search engine optimisation. Get help with creating quality content by contacting Professional SEO services London at Elevate UK

Make sure you get the most out of your contact page also as this is often the next most important page of a website after the home page. Make sure yu include your business name, full address, main phone number and also a geo sitemap can be embedded to enable search engines to locate it more easily.

Information about your employees will also prove helpful, both for your visitors and the search engines.

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  1. Consistency

Any inconsistency can have a negative impact on your online presence as neither Bing nor Google are favourable towards inconsistent business listings online. Be super careful when it comes to details such as the exact wording of your name, address, telephone number etc and do this across all sites, local directories, social media and review sites.

  1. Only seek genuine reviews

Under no circumstances should you ever be tempted to solicit fake reviews or add any that you have written. You’ll end up with lots of problems when the search engines and the customers find out what you’re up to.


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