Looking after your car during bad weather

Looking after your car during bad weather
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Looking after your car is key to making sure that you don’t ed up with a costly maintenance bill at some point. There are numerous ways that we ensure that cars run smoothly including regularly having them serviced by a registered mechanic. There are ways in which you can help to prolong the life and look of your car easily at home. The weather conditions are the main culprits for damaging parts of your car.

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The paint and overall exterior of your car can be damaged by scratches, scraps and dents from items that naturally occur on the road including salt residue, sap from trees, droppings from birds and also damage from the UV rays from the sun. There are many ways that you can prevent the damage from these items including having a Bespoke Oak Carport built alongside your property. You can see some great examples at bespoaktimberframes.co.uk/

Having your car covered in one way or another when it is stored at home means that you can protect it from some of the elements. Salt residue spraying up from the road will need to be carefully removed when you wash your car. You need to take care not to rub the salt into your paintwork and further damage it. The best way to do this is to gentle wipe the car or wash it off with water before you add car shampoo and give your car a nice sparkly exterior.

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The cold weather during the winter season can have many different impacts on your car and can cause the following issues:

  • Vehicle battery can stop working completely if subjected to long periods of extreme cold weather
  • Wiper blades can deteriorate and split
  • Some of the fluids in the car like the oil and windscreen water can thicken and, in some cases, freeze. This is much like how our blood thickens during prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures.
  • Corrosion of metal section due to the salt from the gritted roads becoming lodged in areas such as wheel arches.
  • The glass areas of your car, in particular the windscreen can become more susceptible and vulnerable to damage.

The best way to prevent permanent damage from these issues is to regularly check your car and clean the exterior regularly as well as storing your car away from the elements were possible. By doing this you will hopefully avoid having to pay to have areas of rust dealt with and won’t need to have your car re-sprayed due to paint damage.

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