Original, simple and effective ideas to decorate your living room

Original, simple and effective ideas to decorate your living room
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Sometimes you do not have to spend a lot of money or be an expert in decoration to give the rooms a different, original and always effective touch. It is what we are going to achieve today with the ideas that I tell you so that your room has a unique aspect.

You will do it with little effort and introducing small details that will turn it into a space with a lot of personality. Do you want to know how to get it? I’ll tell you later.

decorate your living room

A wooden staircase

Place a wooden staircase in your living room and you will see how beautiful and decorative it is. You have several options. You can put simple leaning on the wall and use it, for example, as a magazine to leave the magazines in it or place an open double and put some plants on the steps. In both cases, it is a simple and inexpensive element to find and the result will be very cool.

In this example, we have chosen, simply, to leave a blanket supported. Simple but very decorative, do not you think?

Hangers to store your magazines

Another very original magazine rack you can create it with clothes hangers. In them you can hang the magazines that you want to have always close (open and fastened in the bar of the hanger) or you can also use hangers that pince to have them subject.

Then, hang your perch in that corner where you like to read and enjoy a different and effective decoration without any effort or expense.

decorate your living room

Glass jars for the lamp

The glass jars allow you plenty of decorative options. They can become vases and also lamps. You just have to put a light bulb inside and hang them from the ceiling, you can use only one or make a combination with several of them. Surely all eyes are going towards this original lamp.

Another option may be to leave the jar resting on a table with the cable wrapped inside. It is also very decorative and very original for a reading corner, for example.

A wooden box as a coffee table

Maybe you keep some large wooden box around you do not know what to do with it, or maybe you saw one in a thrift store that caught your attention. You can use it and turn it into a decorative coffee table for your living room.

In addition, it will be very practical since inside you can store things that you do not use very often so it will have double use and will help you maintain order in the room.

decorate your living room

Cushions to match the plants

In the details, almost always, is the difference. Look at this combination. Some cactus have been used to place on the table of the living room and a cactus print has also been used for the sofa cushions. A very original and fun way to decorate this corner. You like? It has also been played with colors since other cushions, in this case smooth, have a green tone similar to that of plants.

Paintings on the floor

If you do not like to make holes in the walls but you like pictures, pictures or illustrations do not worry. There’s a solution. A very decorative and effective is to place the frames supported directly on the ground. You can also do it on a shelf or shelf on the wall if you want to have something higher.

decorate your living room

In this case, an original corner has been created in which a chair and a hat have been included. What do you think of the result?

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