5 Tips to choose the right career


Are you about to enter the university? Check the key factors to take into account to choose your ideal career.

Many people feel their vocation is marked   from an early age, but the vast majority arrive at the moment of entering university without being clear about what career they want to pursue; and the truth is that it is a decision that cannot be taken at random since in many cases the university career chosen is what will be done for the rest of one’s life. Continue reading “5 Tips to choose the right career”

5 Keys to improve your lifestyle


The way you eat and the decisions you make in your daily life influence your mood. And the way it will be perceived by others will depend on its good or bad energy.

The problem is not very difficult to diagnose, in fact you know what you have when you have spent a hard week, you feel tired, weak, without the intention of practicing any activity different from everyday life and you even find yourself in a bad mood. The magic word is “stress”, the disease of the 21st century that lashes out at everyone regardless of age, sex or work. Continue reading “5 Keys to improve your lifestyle”

Life is Strange 2: Everything we know so far about this exciting and promising narrative adventure

Life is Strange 2

In video games, some of us have come to tell unforgettable stories. Dontnod Entertainment achieved it with the magnificent ‘Life is Strange’, which helped him get a good amount of nominations and awards that served to recognize their excellence.

In order to repeat the move, the company will give us very soon the opportunity to live another very promising adventure of the hand of ‘Life is Strange 2’, a new episodic delivery that will pose a different argument and with different characters. Continue reading “Life is Strange 2: Everything we know so far about this exciting and promising narrative adventure”

All movies in the ‘Predator’ series ordered from worst to best


The arrival of the new sequel to ‘Predator’, directed by Shane Black and that has met with conflicting reactions, encourages us to revise the Predator mythology: a handful of films starring the space hunter, plus his two confrontations with the lethal ones xenomorphs of ‘Alien’. Films that do not reflect the complexity or the myriad bifurcations that the iconic alien has lived in other media, but still worth refreshing for its variety of styles.

Interestingly, and for once we breathe a sigh of relief, there are no bad movies on this list. All have something to contribute to the devotee of the Yautja: new genetic variants, unexpected scenarios, winks of continuity … if you are waiting for the new ‘Predator’ to arrive as May water, here is a good appetizer in the form of hunting major directly planned from outer space. Continue reading “All movies in the ‘Predator’ series ordered from worst to best”

The 6 tricks to minimize the risks of online trading

online trading

When it comes to online trading, it is impossible and especially wrong to look only at the possible gains. The risks of online trading are in fact always lurking and cannot be eliminated. How to do then? The main thing to remember is the fact that the risks mentioned above can be kept under control and minimized.

If you’re wondering how, we’ve created a guide to answer your question. This is a review of 6 simple tricks, thanks to which you can minimize the risks online trading and know the characteristics of brokers that ideal for operating safely and in absolute legality. Continue reading “The 6 tricks to minimize the risks of online trading”

6 Tips for Managing Your Business Finances

Business Finances

Every company, regardless of its size, has financial concerns about how to manage their money. Having an adequate financial management is extremely important to survive in volatile economies and gain ground against the competition.

As an entrepreneur and leader of my team, I have faced many financial challenges that I have been able to face and overcome with discipline and patience. Today I would like to share with you some tips that have been useful in this regard. Continue reading “6 Tips for Managing Your Business Finances”