Six of the best Drupal 8 modules

Six of the best Drupal 8 modules
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Now that Drupal n8 has launched, the online community of developers has been hard at work creating new modules that allow the platform to be finely tuned to your exact needs.

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We’ve tracked down six of the best modules that we think offer genuine added value to most websites.

1 AdvAgg

Advanced Aggregation reduces your website’s JavaScript and CSS, which can have a profound impact upon your page loading speeds. With Statista reporting that over 52 per cent of web visitors now access the internet via smartphones, speed is a major consideration.

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2 Coffee

Navigate easily through your admin area using just your keyboard. Only a few characters are needed to locate the exact page that you’re seeking, saving you time and trouble.

3 Viewfield and Block Field

Embed views and blocks easily within a field, rather than displaying them in block layouts, for ease of use. Your Drupal design agency should be able to work their magic with this module, enabling you to achieve a more consistent editing experience. It’s worth noting that choosing a Drupal design agency that contributes to the Drupal online community will ensure that your website will be the perfect fit for your business, with all the functionality that you require.

4 Paragraphs

Even with no web development experience, you can achieve balanced content thanks to Paragraphs. The module allows users to add content as paragraphs, rather than needing to use HTML. You can mix it up too, using drag and drop to combine different fields into a single element. This module needs to be set up by your Drupal design team, but once it’s up and running, it will make your life so much easier.

5 Pathauto and Redirect

With the help of Pathauto, you can generate your website’s URLs according to clearly defined rules that govern your pages. Considered to be a fast and intuitive method for organising your URLs, the module does away with the need for stipulating each URL that is generated.

Redirect creates automatic 301 redirects when a page URL is not available, and also redirects internal URLs to an aliased version.

6 Adminimal Admin Toolbar

It’s well worth ditching the default admin menu that comes with D8 in favour of the Adminimal Admin Toolbar. Simple icons give you easy shortcuts links for a better, fuss-free and mobile-friendly experience.


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