Six Tips for Bloggers

Six Tips for Bloggers
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Blogging is a simple way to build organic traffic and improve SEO and brand awareness. Businesses that blog consistently have generated up to 67% more leads. While blogging requires commitment and promotion, and it takes time to build and nurture quality content, it is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to acquire more leads for a business.

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By following these six tips, your blog can become an asset to grow your business for years to come.

Optimise Your Headline

People decide in a second whether they want to click on a post or not – and a headline will make them click. Give them an incentive to read by creating headlines that are simple, useful and attention-grabbing. Using a keyword or two will help your content rise up the search engine rankings as well.

Define Your Niche

How does your business stand out from the crowd? Be hyper-specific, like the blog at Be the expert on what your business does best and produce high-quality content around that.

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Write About What Your Customers Are Searching For

When you’ve defined your specific niche, such as plumbing solutions or the science of the domain name, know what people are searching for. Use a keyword research tool to find what topics people are searching for most consistently in the area you want to focus on. Creating content on these topics will bring potential customers to your business.

Build Calls-to-Action

People may engage with your content, but they won’t follow your business’s social media accounts or email newsletters or follow through to become a customer of your business unless you purposefully draw their attention to their existence. Finish every post with a call to action, reminding them of where to go next once they’ve finished reading.

Create Content Worth Linking

Link-backs and social media sharing are two of the greatest tools to help your blog reach new audiences and new customers. Make sure that every post shares a unique and interesting idea that people will want to share and talk about.

Make Posts Easy to Read

A long essay with no line breaks is no fun for anyone to read. A blog post should be inviting for customers to read and enjoy. Use short paragraphs and short sentences. Use images and videos to break up text, and break it into paragraphs with subheadings for quick reading.

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