The 9 Lifestyles Of Happy People

The 9 Lifestyles Of Happy People
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Mental and physical health has a lot to do with the actions we carry out every day, with the habits we have and the guidelines we follow. That is to say, that our lifestyles determine to a greater extent our well-being and our happiness.

The Lifestyles That Make Us Happier

Eating well, playing sports, relaxing, having time for leisure, etc., has an effect on our well-being. But what are the lifestyles that make us happier? In the following lines we explain them to you.


1. Buddhist lifestyle

The Buddhist lifestyle has a spiritual basis, and is a lifestyle that achieves inner peace thanks to following a series of principles that have their origin in the wisdom and practices of Buddha Gautama.

There are different branches of Buddhism, and despite originating in Asia, is ideal for the western world and busy in which we live, because its simplicity, which is based on acceptance, gratitude, and compassion, has a great healing power, relaxing and, in addition, helps to achieve a connection with oneself, because happiness is born within our being and in the interpretation we make of the world.

2. Mindfulness or Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a teaching that comes from Buddhism, and has become very popular in the West for its benefits for emotional and general health. Its popularity in the western world is due to Jon Kabat-Zinn, creator of the Stress Reduction program based on Mindfulness (MBSR). Such is the power of Mindfulness, that even psychologists use it in their consultations to improve the welfare of their patients. In fact, psychotherapy programs have been created that use this philosophy.

Mindfulness consists of directing attention and observing one’s own internal and external experience in a non-judgmental way, with compassion and acceptance.

This practice allows us to learn to manage emotions, reactions, attitudes and thoughts, and becomes a healthier coping method in the face of unpleasant situations.

3. Healthy diet

There are different types of diets, and some, although they seem healthy because they help lose weight, in reality they are not. Healthy diets provide the amount of nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of the body, and is not accompanied by an obsession with counting calories, but a large variety of nutritious foods are ingested, which contain healthy elements such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants.

However, this diet should not be performed for a specific time, but should be a lifestyle, that is, we must be consistent and have healthy eating habits over time.

4. Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is a type of healthy diet that has its origin in a portion of land called the Mediterranean basin, a historically very rich place, in which different civilizations have inhabited.

The scientific studies affirm that it is especially healthy for our heart, because it is a balanced diet that emphasizes the varied consumption of foods, like fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish, meat. Now, the greatest amount of calories should come from foods rich in carbohydrates.

Undoubtedly, one of the essential foods of the diet is olive oil, a great source of unsaturated fats. That is, healthy. The amount of food to be consumed should not be excessive, and this diet suggests grilling, boiling or consuming raw and fresh foods. That is, fried foods should be avoided.

5. Active and sporty lifestyle

For the lifestyle to be as healthy as possible it is necessary that the person is active, that is, not sedentary. Currently, the pace of life in today’s society leads many people to work in an office, and when they leave it, they do not do any kind of sport or exercise. This has serious consequences for your health not only physical, but also emotional.

Active lifestyle includes sports practice at least three days a week. The ideal is to perform both aerobic exercise and strength work. The healthy diet coupled with physical exercise should be on the agenda of all people, because in the long run, if not, the body and mind suffer.

6. Yogic

The yogic lifestyle is based on both the Buddhist lifestyle, the healthy diet and the practice of yoga. This practice is not only an exercise, but a way of life that seeks well-being, inner peace and implies a lifestyle that commits to observing ethical guidelines, principles of life and adequate nutrition. Yoga is vital to get in touch with oneself and many times with nature. It is mental relaxation, but it is also health for the body.

7. Veganism

Veganism, or a vegan diet, is based on not eating products of animal origin. It is more a philosophy or lifestyle than a diet, and vegans are usually people who have an activist mentality in favor of animal rights. Therefore do not eat meat, eggs, dairy, and any food that has its origin in any member of the animal species.

Although sometimes it can receive critics, the scientific investigations have verified that it is a healthy diet, as long as variety in the diet is included. It is essential, therefore, the intake of vegetable protein and foods with high iron content.

8. Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism

Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism is a type of vegetarianism in which individuals do not consume red meat, white meat, fish or poultry. However, they do consume dairy products and eggs. This is the most common type of vegetarianism and the healthiest.

9. Personal development

Although the previous examples had much to do with self-care, food and physical activity, a lifestyle that helps people to be very happy is one in which the person seeks self-realization and every day works for it.

Having a life goal and carrying out an action plan helps people to be motivated every day and to live happier. That yes, the person must be realistic, and the objectives must be met step by step, so it is necessary to have goals in the short, medium and long term.

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