The Differences Between a Lectern and a Podium

The Differences Between a Lectern and a Podium
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Few people would put public speaking at the top of a list of ‘favourite things to do’. There are those who seem to flourish under the spotlight, but for most people, standing up and talking to a room full of people is at best daunting and at worst, terrifying.

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Public Speaking Tips

Even those who do it well are usually nervous beforehand, and the key to a successful presentation is preparation. If you know your subject and your audience, and you’ve learnt your best man’s speech, business presentation, or sales pitch, then you’ll probably do a pretty good job, no matter how you’re feeling inside.

Funnily enough, standing behind a lectern or desk or even on a small podium can give you a real confidence boost. A podium is simply a small raised platform, useful if your audience is standing rather than sitting in front of you.  These are all things a Motivational Speaker has to think about when you hire them from sites such as  You may thing at the beginning about do i need this or how is this going to help but by the end you will be smiling so hard you will want to book again.

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A lectern is the high desk or table that’s a familiar sight in college and university lecture theatres or churches, and is also often seen on stage at conferences. Used to hold notes and presentation material, it also acts as a barrier between you and the audience, which many people find quite comforting.

Lecterns can range from a simple stand, usually in wood with a sloped top, to much more sophisticated, multimedia enabled bespoke presentation desks, designed to meet the demands of modern colleges and businesses. They can be traditional or ultra modern, using a range of materials including solid wood, laminates, metal and glass.

Even the most simple lecterns are usually height adjustable with a microphone linked to a sound system. Other bespoke lecterns are fully enabled for multimedia presentations, with shelving, cable management, locking castors, touch screens, overhead projectors and lighting.

Going Bespoke

If you’re looking to purchase a lectern, it’s well worth considering speaking to specialists as their designers and builders have worked with a range of clients on projects large and small, traditional and contemporary.

Talking through your requirements will help ensure that your lectern or presentation desk really does meet your needs. The cost may be higher than an ‘off the peg’ lectern, but the beauty of a bespoke product is that you can be extremely specific about materials and detailing, which is well worth the money in the end.

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