Things to do in Adu Dhabi when the Grand Prix’s not on.

Things to do in Adu Dhabi when the Grand Prix’s not on.
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For most petrol heads a trip to Abu Dhabi can only mean one thing the end of season Grand Prix around the Yas Marina. If it’s been a tight championship, then you might get to see a battle for the driver’s title and there can be no better way than have a ringside seat with membership of the Abu Dhabi F1 Paddock Club like you can get from There’s lots more to do there than just the race. Why not get there a few days early or stay on and see some of these sites.

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  1. Ferrari World. Let’s keep with the motor racing theme and not stray too far from the Yas Marina either with this Ferrari theme park. You can try out the Flying Aces Roller coaster, especially if you fancy going at 75 miles per hour round the biggest loop in the world. Kids can have a go at driving on a race track and for the real Ferrari Fan there is a collection of the Prancing Ponies finest going back to 1947 plus a tour of how a car is made.
  2. The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Now this real is a site to be seen. Built from imported white European marble the Mosque is an architectural delight. Although it borrows heavily from the past it is actually a modern construction opened in 2007. It is the most visited site in Abu Dhabi, but you can see why as you wander its ornate interiors of mosaic and intricate glass work.
  3. We go from the modern to the ancient with the Al-Hosn Fort or Old Fort. Dating as a palace form 1793 It was the home of the ruling family of the United Arab Emirates and its seat of Government. Its purpose now is to show the rich history of this small but influential country. The amazing tile work is its best feature.

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  1. Abu Dhabi has changed dramatically over the years following the discovery of oil and so as to not lose the past the Heritage Village was created. This is a replica of a real Bedouin fishing village and gives the visitor an idea of what life was like. It shows how the locals used agriculture and pearl fishing to sustain and economy.
  2. Taking a look at some natural sites is a good idea and the Liwa Oasis allows you to really experience the desert dunes. Your petrol heads can get a fix with some exhilarating Dune buggies ride or some sand surfing. For the more sedate a Camel trek is advised, but it might make you seas sick!
  3. Kayaking in the Mangrove is going to one extreme from the arid to the very wet. These Forests are absolutely vital to the Emirates and are strongly protected. Highly recommended is to see them and sail through them at night.

So, if plenty to do once the F1 troupe rolls out of the city.

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