Trendy colors in home decoration

Trendy colors in home decoration
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The color is so important in decoration that the perception of a place can be totally different making a chromatic change in some of the shades of the place. A change that can put the accent on accessories and accessories. In addition to the living coral tone that is one of the proposals of this 2019, there are other shades that set a trend. What colors are present in home decoration? Here we make a selection of examples …

Golden color in home decoration

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One of the decoration proposals in accessories is the one that transfers the brightness to the home through this golden tone. This is an example of an idea that conveys elegance from the beauty of this hue. When transferring this idea to decoration it is advisable to give prominence to dorado in small details. The presence of this tone brings beauty to a room without having to resort to quantitative excess. For example, bathroom faucets can show the differentiation of this trend in golden color. The mirror is another proposal that can show this idea in its aesthetics.

A decoration in gold that brings a metallic touch to the home. The decoration in gold color is a trend; however, your choice depends on your own personal preference. One of the keys to harmonize this element in the decoration as a whole is simplicity.

Blue and teal

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The colors of nature can also be moved to the interior of the home by observing in this connection a source of well-being. One of the colors that is nutritious at the mood level is blue. An example of a proposal that is very present in the decoration. Blue is an example of tone that inspires calm and harmony through its contemplation in different natural scenes. For example, the observation of the sky or the sea. A color that combines with other shades and that transmits light where it is when the relationship between all the elements that make up the room flows.

There are many different nuances in the language of color. One of the tones that is also a trend is teal.

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White color

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One of the usual colors in decoration, a color that remains beyond any tendency for the beauty of its own essence and the infinite combinations it admits is white. This is still the preferred choice of many people who choose a tone that remains current with the evolution of the home itself and the new memories lived around a room that gives off this light.

For example, the kitchen is a great protagonist in many homes as a family gathering center. A white kitchen is a timeless choice. But white has its own meaning in any other room in the house. White is a metaphor of light.

The grey color

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Another of the colors that is a trend in decoration in this 2019 is gray. A color that forms a perfect binomial with the white described in the previous section. A very bright combination. This formula can decorate, for example, the bedroom. A restful stay that creates this relaxing atmosphere from this complementary vision of two shades that strengthen each other.

Brown is another shade that you also saw inside the home providing a warm touch. The palette of earth tones is another example of an image that takes its inspiration from nature and moves to the heart of the home through a decoration proposal. What are your favorite colors in home decoration?

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