Website trends that may be on the horizon for 2019

Website trends that may be on the horizon for 2019
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Developments in website functionality and web design are continually occurring with new trends becoming more popular and with the popularity increases so does the demand for particular styles and the work of web companies like web designers in Reading

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It can be difficult to accurately predict what the trends are going to be each year. But the web design sector is noting that the following may increase in popularity in 2019.

Mobile, mobile, mobile

Whilst having a mobile friendly website is not a new concept it is thought that there will be a shift in design focus. Up until now websites have been designed and then adapted where needed to then be mobile friendly. The new view is that web designs will take place solely with mobile use in mind and will naturally then work for desktop viewing.

Telling a story

Brands are using story telling techniques to build up their brand identity and also to capture the interest of their clients and potential customers. This is used incredibly successfully on social media and it is thought that this will transfer over to websites as well. It is becoming more and more important for companies to stand out amongst the many other businesses that operate in their sector. Finding unique selling points is becoming harder and harder and so using your website as a way of showing your company story and communicating this to the masses will be one of the ways forward. One of the reasons that this is becoming more popular is that the information can be communicated across to people in bite sized chunks and as it appears that our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter this appears to be a great option.

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The power of WordPress

Many web design companies are predicting that the popularity of this platform for creating websites will continue to increase. Since its development in 2003 it has seen large numbers of people creating their websites and many even moving over their websites to WordPress. A recent survey identified that WordPress actually, commands over 60 percent of the global share of websites. This is an incredible figure if you take into consideration the number of other platforms that are all fighting for that remaining 40 percent. As a result of the number of developers and designers that are using this platform it is rapidly increasing in terms of its functionality and options available for users and this will continue well into 2019 and beyond.

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