What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Used Golf Cart

What You Should Know Before Purchasing A Used Golf Cart
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Making the decision to buy a used golf cart is not all that different than making the same such decision on purchasing a used automobile. Both are vehicles, both have wear and tear on them, and that wear can run down the major components of the vehicle that could hinder its operation.

Much like with buying a used car, there is a variety of factors that you should be cognizant of before you plunk down your hard earned cash. Ask questions, check conditions, and do a full audit of the cart ahead of your purchase, otherwise you might end up with something that costs an arm and a leg and doesn’t even run well.

Let Kustom Karts of Virginia help you avoid the headache that comes with buying a used golf cart by outlining what you should watch out for and how to avoid ending up with a dud.

Refurbished or Not

Depending on the state of the cart, the seller will take steps to refurbish the vehicle or sell it off as is. If you are considering a cart that has seen significant refurbishing, then you need to find out what was done and when. This is done as you closely examine the cart for any major damage or structural problems.

Rust is a big problem, particularly in areas in and around the East coast, so be sure also to check the state of the body and whether or not there are rust spots.

You must also check the tires, you don’t want to be running on bald tires. All of these things are supposed to work together for the purposes of providing you with a reliable golf cart that will keep running well after you’ve made the purchase.


The year that your cart was manufactured should have a big influence on whether you buy it or not. Older golf carts may no longer have the parts available for making repairs. The older models may also be tougher for mechanics and body shops as there are fewer people who know how to repair something when it breaks, and fix it with standard, dependable parts.

Added Features

Just like with a car, you are able to pick a standard or fully-loaded package. Same goes for your golf cart as the features with which it has been equipped can help you delineate if this is a cart for playing golf or for getting around from point A to point B in a gated community or movie studio.

The best way to assess the features the golf cart offers is to decide what you plan on using it for first.


Finally, one of the most important facets of any purchase – price. How much you are planning to spend may not fit with what you actually intend to pay. But it’s also important that you stay on budget and assess the golf cart you plan to get against the value inside of that cart.

Repairs are one thing, full replacement is another when many golf cart buyers are in the market for a used vehicle, they sometimes let the price get in the way.. Don’t. Consider what you are getting for the money and see if it’s really a smart choice in the long run.


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