5 Celebrity Styles Worth Trying

5 Celebrity Styles Worth Trying
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Elegant, timeless, stylish. Three words we’d all like to resonate with. With fashion trends constantly evolving, sometimes you have to look to the stars for inspiration.

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Although anyone can see the fashion of the day, finding a timeless style which works for you can be more difficult. As Coco Channel accurately explained: “Fashion fades, only style is timeless.”

Below we’ll look to our five favourite trendsetters to establish how they created their iconic styles.

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1. Kate Middleton

Marrying the handsome prince is more than a fairytale for this princess, and she’s certainly brought her personality into the palace with elegance, sophistication and poise and a great eye for fashion and style. The cameras and public love her, particularly her use of simple wrap dresses for both formal and semi-formal events.

2. Madonna

From a real-life princess to the princess of pop, Madonna is no stranger to the term “fashion guru”, having taken over the fashion world since she first stepped on stage. Some of her favourite accessories include fingerless gloves, stack-up rings and chunky necklaces coupled with outfits which highlight her stunning silhouette. Not one to play it safe, Madonna made waves wearing underwear as outerwear and experimenting with combinations of designs and textures in outfits on and off stage.

3. Victoria Beckham

No list of fashionistas could be complete without the famous VB. Always on trend, Victoria is deservedly a fashion icon for women across the world. Her trick to breaking free from the norm and creating timeless outfits involves combining fashion trends to create unmatchable timeless looks.

4. Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is aptly named, as she ‘graces’ the halls of Hollywood and fashion royalty. Her personal fashion style can be seen in many of her classic films, favouring timeless feminine celebrity dresses tailored to enhance her perfect waistline.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

Who can deny SJP’s sense of style in her own life and when stepping into the world of Sex and the City as the ever-stylish Carrie Bradshaw? With a pick’n’mix approach to style, SJP incorporates timeless elegance with flashy modern trends, never failing to turn heads.

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