5 ways to solve the most common flooring problems to appeal to prospective buyers

5 ways to solve the most common flooring problems to appeal to prospective buyers
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Flooring choices used to be very limited, even as recently as a hundred years ago.
Today, we have numerous options, including fitted carpets, tiles, rugs, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood. These all help to make our homes warmer and more efficient. If you are thinking of selling your home, it will help to get these flooring issues sorted. That’s because if your floors have issues then prospective buyers will notice and not offer you as much money for your house. It will also be on a report that the buyer of the home will get. The report side is a legal process that is done alongside the conveyancing which legally changes the owners of a property. If you are at this point of a house move and interested in a homebuyers report London based company, then look no further than https://www.samconveyancing.co.uk/Homebuyers-Survey/Home-Buyers-Survey-London.

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Flooring has become very much part of our home décor choices, driven mainly by practicality and cost. Carpet is still very popular for bedrooms, stairways and hallways, whereas flooring like tiles, wood, laminate and vinyl is more likely to appear in the ‘high traffic’ areas, such as entrance halls, sitting rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Making the right flooring choice has never had so many solutions, but it pays to think carefully before you hit the shops, whether online or on the high street.


Firstly, consider the different usage levels in your home and how much work it’ll take to keep them clean and looking good. Entrance halls, living areas and stairs get the most foot traffic, which means a lot of wear and tear to flooring. Hardwearing laminates and vinyl are becoming popular, as the quality of products improves.

Drafty floorboards

Make sure you seal around skirting boards and fill in any gaps if you have old, original floorboards, as they can be very drafty, letting in unwelcome cold air. If you’re installing floorboards, put in insulating underlay to improve energy efficiency and warmth.

Wet areas

Bathrooms and kitchens need something waterproof and tough. Tiles are the usual choice in kitchens and bathrooms these days, but vinyl is warmer underfoot, there’s no grout to keep clean and it’s waterproof. Avoid carpet or carpet tiles as they get dirty and smelly very quickly.

Doing it yourself?

While fitting carpet is best left to the professionals, many flooring options are easily fitted by competent DIYers. For example, vinyl flooring now comes in a ‘click’ system, which resembles wooden planks, and clicks together rather like hardwood or engineered or laminate flooring systems.
Wear and tear

For high foot-traffic areas like hallways, choose something tough and easy to clean. Carpet may look lovely, but it’s expensive to get it professionally cleaned, so it’s not a good option for entrance halls for example, especially if you have kids or pets.

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