8 Best Cloud storage apps for Android and iPhone to save files without taking up memory

8 Best Cloud storage apps for Android and iPhone to save files without taking up memory
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The cloud storage services represent for us a kind of revolution that avoids having to manually copy the same files on two or more computers, which saves us the trouble of using USB sticks as portable memories and that brings us the same files of the computer also available from a smartphone or a tablet.

Having space on the cloud is a good idea because it does not occupy the internal memory, because it is much cheaper than carrying a disk and because it makes it easy to transfer files from one device to another and also sharing with other people.

The applications of cloud storage for smartphones and tablets are therefore essential for all uses, to transfer files to the phone and to work on them.

Of this type of cloud app the panorama is quite vast, with popular names as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive and other lesser known and alternative apps that are worth knowing, also because some may be preferable even to the three most popular for their additional features.

Cloud storage apps

Speaking as usual on Android and iPhone, we see the best apps to connect to cloud storage on smartphones and tablets.

1) Google Drive

It is one of the most popular cloud storage apps available for free.

Users can enjoy 15 GB of free space, unlimited backup of photos and videos via Google Photos and even backup of WhatsApp chats.

In addition, Google Drive also offers, integrated, apps for reading documents, notes, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs, functioning as a complete Office suite.

It also includes a document scanner for digitizing text using the camera.

If you want more space in the cloud, you can buy 100 GB ($1.99 / month) or 1 TB ($9.99) or even 10 TB ($99.99 a month).

2) Amazon Drive

It is recommended for all those who use Amazon Prime, which offers 5 GB of free space and unlimited backups for photos and videos in Prime Photos.

With $60 per year you can upgrade and have 1 TB or with only $20 per year 100 GB

3) Microsoft OneDrive

It is a powerful cloud storage option because it integrates directly with Windows PCs.

For those who have never used it before, it starts with a free 5GB account that can reach 50 GB by paying $2 a month.

OneDrive storage is also included in all Office 365 subscriptions, both for personal use and for businesses.

The OneDrive 1 TB and Microsoft Office 365 package costs $70 a year or 7 dollars a month.

4) Dropbox

It is another popular and therefore reliable option to store personal files in the cloud.

The app has special features like automatic upload of photos to its online drive, simple sharing options, Microsoft Office support and the ability to send files to others.

New accounts get 2 GB for free with options to get 1 TB to $10 a month.

5) Box.com

It is a success in the world of cloud storage, even if less famous than the others.

New users can register for free and get 10 GB of free storage while paying 10 euros a month you can extend the space up to 100 GB.

The app works very well in its simplicity and organization.

The app has a number of features that normally do not exist in other cloud storage applications such as the ability to automatically save photos and videos made with the mobile in the cloud (which also do the Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Photos apps).

6) pCloud

It is a little known but very powerful online service that provides 10 GB of free space to save files on the internet.

The space can reach 2 Terabytes by paying the subscription.

pCloud is special because the app is one of the few that allows you to watch videos in HD format in streaming, from your tablet or mobile phone.

In this way it becomes easy, for example, to see a movie or listen to music in streaming, previously chosen.

The viewer shows documents without having to download them and allows you to save files in memory for offline access.

7) MediaFire

For years known among file sharing sites, today has become a pretty good cloud storage service. The subscription offers 10 GB free of online space that can be expanded up to 1 Tb to $7 per month or 100 TB (plenty of room) to $80 per month.

The app is a bit old-fashioned, but overall it seems to work pretty well for sharing files and creating links.


Megaupload is a cloud storage service that has as a special feature the speed with which you download the files, at most of the available connection.

Mega also offers free 50 GB at the first registration, which can even reach 8 TB by paying the subscription.

Another great feature of Mega is that it encrypts all the files loaded on it for more security and protection.

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