Augmented Reality Apps for iOS and Android

Augmented Reality Apps for iOS and Android
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The whole concept of augmented reality still has a futuristic feel to it, but the technology has actually been around for some time now. It’s essentially about overlapping computer-generated images on to your actual surroundings, and so creating a blended view that supplements the real world. AR applications range from virtual showrooms and interactive map overlays to huge multiplayer battlegrounds, and you have a huge array of different areas of interest to look into.

Whether you primarily have fun with the fantastic online pokies NZ has to offer, or prefer other types of entertainment, you can bet your bottom dollar that AR is going to make whatever you engage with that much more exciting. The options are almost limitless, as developers start exploring a whole new way for consumers to engage.

History, Art, and Language Learning 

The BBC Civilisations app allows you to explore history in a totally dynamic way, and you can examine artifacts at your leisure, rotating and resizing them as you need to. The helpful tutorial that gets things going when you start the app uses an Egyptian mummy as an example, and you’ll enjoy it in context, and can even peer inside it thanks to the x-ray function provided. 

We all have a little artistry inside us, but very few of us have the time it takes to put in the practice when it comes to sketching. SketchAR allows you to take a shortcut. Plot a few circles on some paper, select a drawing, and the application will project the image you’ve chosen on to your paper, allowing you to trace it. It’s helpful, and fun, and you’ll find your drawing technique improving with extended use. 

Have you been itching to learn a new language, but struggle to find the time to get your studying done? Mondly is here to help you through. There are 33 languages for you to choose from, daily exercises to keep you up to speed, and, because it’s on your smartphone, you can learn on the go. Tap the AR button, find a flat surface, and your AR teacher will take a seat, starting the lesson and using examples to help you remember the new words you’re learning.

A Whole New World of Entertainment 

There are a number of different genres of games available in AR, including puzzles, virtual pet simulators, Real-Time Strategy games, or RTS for short, action-packed multiplayer games, sports, stealth, strategy, board and card titles, and even those that teach you something new while you play.

People are becoming more interested in the whole experience of playing a game, and augmented reality allows for total immersion in the storyline and actions required to affect play. There are haunted houses to explore, vacations you can take without moving from your seat, and wildly exciting casino games that don’t necessitate a long commute or a weekend away. The trend for 2019 is continuous, linear stories that innovate in terms of their creative license, and draw you in to a world of diversion, restoration, and amusement.

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