Father’s Day Gifts that can be personalised

Father’s Day Gifts that can be personalised
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It can always be difficult looking for a present for your dad on Father’s Day looking through tools, Vape Juice Gloucester products in his favourite flavour but Who sells vape juice in Gloucester or a sock set but if your dad is a petrolhead, then don’t panic! There are plenty of gifts available.

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If you know he loves this classic car, why not give him a little piece of luxury with his very own Porsche bottle opener? Designed to look like the central locking mechanism from the 911 Turbo, this bottle opener is heavy duty and will be something your dad cherishes for a long time. Or you may decide on a classic leather key fob, depending on the type of car your dad prefers.

Father-Son Bonding

With a little bit of thought, you can also benefit from your dad’s gift! If you have regular gaming sessions together, then tip a nod to his love of cars by getting Dirt Rally, available on PS4, PC and Xbox One. With 70-plus rally stages and circuits, Dirt Rally features a wide range of cars to choose from, as well as the different surfaces and conditions.

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A day in luxury

Why not treat your dad to ultimate day of luxury in the F1 Paddock Club Silverstone where you can watch the racing in comfort and create some wonderful memories whilst taking part in the experience of a lifetime.

If your dad is a true petrolhead, then the chances are he will have a classic or older car in the garage. Taking advantage of today’s technology, you can bring them into the 21st century with something like a magnetic smartphone holder, a satellite navigation system or a dash camera to catch any bad driving in real time.

Driving Experiences

There are various driving experiences on the market that can be enjoyed by your dad on Father’s Day. If driving off-road is his thing, then he can have his driving skills challenged in the Lake District or can see how it feels to drive a Formula 1 car at one of the UK-based race tracks.


Whether it’s a toy, gadget or experience day, there is plenty out there to choose from when buying your dad a Father’s Day gift!


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