Five mistakes to avoid in the Christmas decoration

Five mistakes to avoid in the Christmas decoration
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Christmas is a very special stage from the point of view of decoration since, at this time, the house acquires a new aesthetic of light and color. The motivation of the Christmas decoration comes from a specific fact: the temporal duration of this scenario increases the motivation for its enjoyment. What are the mistakes we can make in Christmas interior design? In FreeLocalBuzz we list a selection of 5 points to consider.

Christmas decoration

Decorate with haste

The occupations of work and other daily commitments can make you go into the Christmas calendar without having been busy defining the details of the decoration as you would have liked.

This tendency to postpone everything related to this matter for another time can make, finally, the aesthetic result is the result of improvisation and the rush of the last moment. Beyond the plane of the image, this failure is an emotional error because it increases your level of stress in that sense of urgency.

As a consequence of the hurry it is possible to carry out this process without a coherent thread from start to finish.

Christmas decoration

Believe that more is more

Christmas is one of those periods of the year in which the decorative principle of less is more seems to break with the excesses of brightness and decoration that generate a saturation effect in the home. These excesses are the consequence of the illusion generated by giving each element a prominent space in the home. However, more decoration is not synonymous with a better decorative aesthetic, neither at Christmas nor at any other time of the calendar.

Therefore, select, prioritize and value simplicity. Minimalism improves the result in Christmas decoration not only inside the house, but also outside. Christmas is a time that seems to invite excesses as shown by the consumption of gifts or the endless menus of these parties. However, in any field, the key lies in balance.

Christmas decoration

Do not decorate with gifts

Not only is it positive to decorate the gifts in a special way through a careful choice of wrapping and paper, in addition, you can take advantage of this resource as a very Christmas visual anchor to beautify the home through this symbolism that represents the metaphor of surprise by means of aesthetically presented boxes around the tree.

Christmas decoration

Do not take advantage of the potential of mirrors

Although the image of a Christmas scene in which even the mirrors are decorated with some special detail can be part of the memory, it is convenient to avoid this gesture to take advantage of the mirror’s potential through its reflection. That is to say, converting the reflection of that to which the crystal refers in an expression of beauty that gives a particular dimension to Christmas.

Christmas decoration

Ignore the context

From the chromatic point of view and the harmony of colors, the tones of Christmas must also be in clear harmony with the properties of the place you want to embellish with those ornaments. A possible error is to select a color palette in the Christmas decorations that is not in connection with the furniture of the house.

It is usual to focus attention solely on the Christmas details themselves, however, it is advisable to broaden the view to have an interpretation of context in order to integrate decorating decisions taking into account the general particularities of that place.

What are, from your point of view, avoidable failures in home decoration during the Christmas holidays?

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