Healthy Exercise During IVF Treatment

Healthy Exercise During IVF Treatment
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If you’re undergoing Egg Freezing and IVF treatment, you’ve probably heard a lot of conflicting stories about what contributes to IVF success. Should you exercise, or try to maximize your rest time? Is it better to stay active, or should you spend more time taking on stress-free activities that will allow your body to become more receptive to treatment? No matter what you’ve heard, the truth is that exercise is important when you’re undergoing IVF treatment, just as long as you don’t overdo it. If you’re trying to get pregnant, exercise can actually be a helpful tool to help de-stress and focus on other things. But first, let’s figure out what kind of exercise is best for people undergoing IVF treatment. Here are a few good places to start.

Don’t Go Too Extreme

While you shouldn’t think of your treatment as a limiting health condition, it does help to enjoy exercise in moderation. If you’re a runner, for instance, or you’re used to doing high-impact cardio workouts at least a few times a week, you may want to consider slowing down and swapping your weekly jogs for other activities. When you’re going through IVF, it’s important not to expose your newly-enlarged ovaries to the threat of getting tangled or twisted during activity. Studies have shown that women who exercise more than 4 hours a week are 40% less likely to have a live birth. That means you don’t want to take any chances by overdoing it. If you’re worried about heart health, there are plenty of other ways to get your heart rate going without putting undue stress on your body. Try swapping running for swimming or taking long, brisk walks to de-stress.

Time It Right

With IVF, it’s all about timing. Since everything is timed down to the minute, you’ll find there are times when it’s less risky to put in exercise and times when it’s best to lay low. For instance, during the time before the eggs are retrieved, it’s best to take some time off to rest. During the two-week period before egg harvesting, you want to keep the blood flowing toward the parts of your body that need it the most, namely the uterus and ovaries. If you’re exercising too much or at all, your blood flow could be redirected toward larger muscles in your body, depriving your reproductive system of what it needs to ensure a successful treatment.

Focus On Stretching and Low-Impact Activity

Just because you’re not able to go to the gym or go jogging doesn’t mean you have to be a total couch potato. Thankfully, there are plenty of low-impact exercises you can do each day at home without threatening your pregnancy. In fact, certain stress-relieving activities like yoga and stretching can even help your chances simply by taking your mind off things and allowing your body to adapt to the many changes it’s going through. While certain types of yoga, such as Pilates, Vinyasa or hot yoga, might be a bit too strenuous for someone going through IVF, doing gentle exercises could be a great way to stay healthy and calm.

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