How do burglars target a property?

How do burglars target a property?
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Sadly, many households suffer the crime of burglary every year, resulting in millions of pounds of property losses. Whether you’ve been an unfortunate victim or not, have you ever wondered why a burglar targets a specific property? What makes one house more appealing than another? Well, thankfully some former burglars have given up their secrets and now homeowners and security companies have a good idea of how to prevent being one of the appealing targets.

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What does a burglar look for?

The majority of thieves look for a target that’s easy to get into. They will often do a surveillance of a neighbourhood and find a property with a predictable pattern of comings and goings, such as being out at work all day or away most weekends. Other attractive targets tend to be isolated or rural properties, where they can get in without being spotted and also well-maintained properties with expensive cars in the driveway.

Most burglars will rely on opportunity and look for easy entry points like open windows or unlocked doors. Amazingly, most thieves enter properties without ‘breaking’ in and simply walk through open doors or an unlocked garage.

When is a burglary more likely?

Looking for an easy time, a burglar is most likely to strike when you’re out. Summer is a peak time for break-ins as burglars know that people are away on holiday when their children are on school break. Christmas is another peak time as many people leave their properties to visit family.

Always be mindful of what you post on social media. A clever burglar will notice photos or status updates on your holidays and know that your home is now empty. Should you be the victim of a break-in, after contacting the police, you’ll need to secure your property. Contact Emergency Glaziers Leicester at

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How do burglars get in?

Leaving doors and windows unlocked is an invitation to opportunistic burglars to just walk right in. Glass doors can also be smashed, allowing a burglar to reach in and unlock the door. Other popular burglar tools include crowbars, credit cards

How to prevent a burglary

The most effective way to prevent a burglary is to install a home security system. If an alarm goes off, you can guarantee that a burglar won’t want to hang around too long. Cameras allow you to monitor your home from anywhere, with a live feed directly to your phone.


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