How far have computers come From Charles Babbage to Cyberspace

How far have computers come From Charles Babbage to Cyberspace
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Looking back at the ‘first computer’ – Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine which he invented in the 1820’s – it is amazing to compare it to the computers that we know now!

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  • The early computers of the 1940’s were so huge that they took up an entire room! Can you imagine how big the desk and computer chairs would be for that! They cost a lot to run as well, because their size meant they used a lot of electricity!
  • In the 1980’s computing started to make its way into the home and became popular with families in the UK. The first computer – the Sinclair ZX80 for under £100 was sold in 1980, and was very basic by today’s standards – it had less than a millionth of the memory of modern smartphones!
  • In 1985, Alan Sugar introduced the Amstrad Word Processor with built in printer, home computing became even more popular and the typewriter gradually became redundant.
  • You can’t mention the history of computing and not mention the games – kids of the 1980’s played Space Invaders, Pong and Pacman and some of these early gamers became the pioneers of computer programming and game designers of today.
  • Tim Berners Lee invented the world wide web in 1990 – and computing was changed forever! By 1998 130 million web users in the world and it was growing fast. People started to talk in chat rooms, and use web sites and even began online shopping!
  • Games consoles soared in popularity – the early basic games played in the 1980s became more colourful, on machines that were designed for specifically for gaming. Sega, Nintendo and PlayStation became the favourite consoles of children all over the world, and the games that they produced, such as Sonic, Super Mario and Final Fantasy are still popular today bringing out newer versions of these much loved games.

Nowadays we barely even think of these early computers – the phones and tablets that we carry around millions of times more powerful than those early Sinclair computers from the 80’s can find us almost anything at the touch of a button, we can speak to people all over the world with ease, and buy pretty much anything and have it arrive the next day! I wonder what Charles Babbage would think! Now we use our smart phones so often that websites and webpages even load better on these devices than on computer.  You can even get content written that can be put on these sites from a Gloucester SEO company through sites like who will give expert advice on selected keywords to use to.

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