How Knee Surgery Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain

How Knee Surgery Can Help Reduce Chronic Pain
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If you’ve lived with chronic knee pain for a long time, you’re probably desperate to find any kind of relief. For those who have tried everything, knee replacement surgery is often the best call, especially if you choose the best orthopedic surgeon in Richmond to get the job done. While healing from surgery can be a long and uncomfortable process, many people who have undergone the procedure report feeling relief in the months and even weeks afterward. If you deal with chronic knee pain and just want it to stop, here are a few reasons why you might want to consider getting knee surgery.

New Technology Makes the Healing Process Easier

In the past, trying to heal sensitive joints after surgery was a difficult task. Since it’s hard to keep joints still, it can be painful to feel the area around the knee swelling to protect itself after even a minimal surgical procedure. However, this isn’t the case anymore for many patients. With the existence of new painkillers like liposomal bupivacaine, a numbing agent for post-op patients, healing from surgery is a much less painful and ultimately healthier process. In recent years, the use of these injections has allowed patients to heal up quickly and experience less pain during the process. How does this affect their chronic knee pain overall? The period of healing after surgery actually has a lot of potential to create flare-ups later, so by using something that helps smooth out the healing process early, patients are able to suffer less overall.

Functionality May Be Improved

A lot of joint pain occurs when the area experiences swelling or reduced circulation. After knee surgery, patients are able to move about more freely, thus allowing for circulation in the area to get, if not completely back to normal, a bit closer to where they were before in terms of movement and functionality. This doesn’t just help patients make their way around the world more easily. It can actually help prevent swelling and chronic pain to the knee over time. While many people suffering from chronic knee pain are wary of walking or exercise, staying away from any time of movement that might aggravate the area could create more problems. When functionality is increased, the leg is less likely to remain weak and lose muscle and therefore will be less vulnerable to chronic pain.

It Could Be the Best Way To Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis

There are many types of issues you might have with your knee. From osteoporosis to a badly or improperly-healed injury to a lack of blood flow in the area, there are tons of issues that could be contributing to or causing your chronic pain. If you’re one of the many people who suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, however, surgery has been shown to improve functionality and reduce pain over time. Patients suffering from this disease feel chronic pain due to their knee lining rapidly deteriorating, exposing the already-sensitive joint to near-constant pain. After knee replacement surgery, the body becomes less likely to attack the area, protecting the sufferer from further pain.

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