How the world of work has changed over the years

How the world of work has changed over the years
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How has the world of work changed over the years? These are just a small part of the questions that all young people who are looking for a first or a new occupation are posing daily. We try to find out more between curiosity and statistics.

How salaries have changed

Since the 70s of the last century, wages have changed, but not in the direction that can be assumed. According to the statistics formulated by the Pew Research Center, for example, in the last ten years – thanks to the long economic crisis – purchasing power has fallen by more than 5%.

How the clothing has changed

Clothing is changed to a considerable extent. Today the dress code is certainly less rigid than a few decades ago, becoming less formal and more casual. Jeans often dominate and even in seemingly more classic workplaces (as in the bank), ultra-sober clothing has been knocked down.

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How technology has changed

Technology has probably been one of the most impacting factors on the evolution of the world of work. The technological innovations at our disposal were not even imaginable until a few decades ago and the digital revolution is far from complete. From cell phones to WiFi, from tablets to biometrics, the list of innovations that have profoundly changed (and will continue to change) our approach to work is extraordinarily long.

How the world of contracts has changed

One of the main changes (and, in part, in progress) in the world of work is certainly linked to contracts. Today the regulatory framework is very different from that of a few decades ago and the keyword of flexibility seems to be a mantra of small, medium and large companies. At the same time, numerous new professional figures have arisen (on the web or not) and a reduction of the boundaries between free time, to be dedicated to oneself or to one’s family, and time to devote to work has been nourished: an integration that not always However, it makes it easy to find the right balance between quality of life and the maintenance of a job.

How (yet) the world of work will change

Having established the foregoing, it is understandable to try to understand what will happen in the near future. To learn more we can refer to the recent analysis carried out by Forbes for the ten years that are emerging in front of us and which will see the onset of three different worlds of work.

Forbes announces an orange world, linked to small businesses and small spin-offs, with a focus on integration in networks and specialization, alongside a green world, whose focus will instead be on sustainability and demographic changes and climatic, and finally a blue world, in which the protagonists will once again remain the multinationals, balanced between a frantic search for profit and the need to be more and more attentive to social responsibility.

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