How to apply the activated charcoal mask

How to apply the activated charcoal mask
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Smear the charcoal mask on your face. First, take an amount as large as a fifty cent coin and place it in a bowl, then apply it to the skin using a clean make-up brush. You can spread it all over your face or just on areas where pimples or blackheads usually form.

Things you will need

  • Bowl
  • Makeup brush
  • Charcoal mask
  • Gentle facial cleanser
  • Moisturizing face cream
  • Delicate scrub
  • Elastic or hair band

For example you could apply it on the so-called “T” zone of the face (forehead, nose, and chin) where usually the production of sebum is greater and the black points tend to form.

  • You can use a flat brush indicated for foundation or buy one designed specifically to apply cream products such as masks. If you do not have a makeup brush like this, you can smear the mask on your skin with clean fingers.
  • Try to be as gentle as possible when you apply the charcoal mask to areas where the skin tends to become inflamed easily and where the pimples are present to avoid irritation.

Do not apply the mask around the eyes and mouth. Since the skin around the eyes and around the lips is particularly delicate, it is best to avoid using the mask in those areas. Put yourself in front of the mirror when you apply the mask to see exactly where you are smearing it.

Leave it in place for 7-10 minutes. The mask will have to dry completely and it is likely that after awhile you will feel the skin pulling or you will feel a slight itching. If, on the other hand, the sensation is more like a nuisance or pain, wash your face immediately to remove the product without waiting for the expected laying minutes to pass.

Remove the mask as if it were an adhesive film. Start from the chin and detach it by pulling it slowly towards the forehead. If you have chosen to apply it only on the “T” zone of the face, you can detach the upper part starting from the sides of the nose.

Clean and moisturize the skin after removing the mask. After peeling it off,small black particles may have remained on the face; remove them with a mild detergent and then rinse the skin with cold water. Apply a light moisturizer that does not occlude the pores and let the skin dry naturally.

Apply the charcoal mask every two weeks or even more frequently. To avoid irritating the skin, it is preferable to use the mask only when the pimples are formed. Since activated charcoal removes the surface layer of the skin and the small hairs that cover it, you should wait at least two weeks before repeating the treatment.

The carbon mask is not recommended for sensitive skin or eczema because it could damage the skin.

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