How To Become Successful? 30 Tips From Billionaires

How To Become Successful? 30 Tips From Billionaires
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“If you are all so smart, then why am I so rich?” – said one day one of the world’s largest and most famous investors, Warren Buffett.

As noted by billionaires, to achieve real business success and earn a lot of money, it is not enough to have an exceptional mind or just perseverance, even as air needs determination, cunning, and the ability to prioritize and even argue.

The male magazine MPORT offers you tips on how to succeed, from people who, according to Bussines Insider, earn only in one hour from $ 50,000 to $ 120,000.

Tips From Billionaires

1) “Business is not a championship.” There is no need to strive to circumvent the competitors. More important is your competence in this or that sector” – Carlos Slim Elu, media tycoon, owner of Grupo Carso.

2) “Avoid excesses even in the easiest times of your life, because it will provide you with stability during the greatest difficulties” – Carlos Slim Elu.

3) “The most important quality of a good manager is the determination to breastfeed any bad news, to look for oneself with them, rather than hide your head in the sand” – Bill Gates, the creator and the largest shareholder of Microsoft. Check more 7 REASONS YOU NEED TO BLOG FOR YOUR BUSINESS

4) “Incomplete understanding of goals is the most important problem in any technical project – it is for this reason that success usually accompanies those who start from modest scales, and further builds them up based on the experience gained” – Bill Gates.

5) “Even if you are very talented and make great efforts, some results simply take time: you will not get a baby in a month, even if you force nine women to become pregnant” – Warren Buffett, the world’s largest investor.

6) “I’m not going to jump over the 7-foot barrier, I’ll look around and pick a 1-foot-high barrier through which I can just step over” – Warren Buffett.

7) “Beware of others who are greedy.” Greed when others are careful” – Warren Buffett.

8) “Rule number one: Never lose money.” Rule number two: Never forget rule number one” – Warren Buffett.

9) “Those who want to develop their business should focus on China, and the population and the demand for luxury goods are growing at a tremendous rate” – Bernard Arnault, owner of LVMH.

10) “The secret of successful business in combining creativity and organizational skills” – Bernard Arnaud.

11) “In business, there are two types of people: the creators of the product and its sellers. Find out which group you are in, otherwise you will have trouble” – Larry Ellison, co-founder and head of Oracle Corporation.

12) “The most important trait of my character that determines my success is the ability to challenge commonly accepted truths, doubt experts and ask questions to authorities” – Larry Ellison.

13) “The money taken from the investor should be treated as earned, and you need to dispose of them as frugally as your own” – Larry Ellison.

14) “To have a dream in life means to be one step closer to success.” The difference between a dreamer and a person is that the latter makes a dream come true.” – Ike Batista, Brazilian billionaire, owner of a group of mining companies.

15) “Do not give up on the first setbacks.” Trust your intuition, but be at the same time mundane.” “Pay attention to research and polls.” – Hayk Batista.

16) “Increasing your wages is a compensation for your work today and in the future, and not a reward for your achievements in the past” – Michael Bloomberg, owner of the Bloomberg news agency.

17) “A reliable source of funding and strong nerves are key to success with the introduction of new products” – Michael Bloomberg.

18) “Business is not that complicated at all, many people with very average intellectual abilities earn enough, really smart people can get real wealth if they really are committed to it.” – George Soros, American financier, investor and philanthropist.

19) “Your problem is that you want to do an interesting job.” A person who wants to get rich does not care what he does, he only thinks about the final profit. “All day he thinks about how to make money. Installing more racks for cleaning shoes, then he is doing just that” – George Soros.

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20) “The more actively you try something new, the more chances you have to stumble into something really worthwhile” – Sergey Brin, developer and co-founder of the Google search system.

21) “It does not matter whether rich or not, I’m happy because I enjoy what I do, and this is really the main wealth” – Sergey Brin.

22) “To do something important, we must overcome the fear of failure” – Larry Page, developer and co-founder of Google’s search engine.

23) “Work should be a test, and tests should be fun” – Larry Page.

24) “Business can come to a standstill if you do not focus on customers, but on competitors.” You need to determine what buyers want and how to give them” – Jeff Bezos, founder of online store.

25) “If you create a great buying experience, customers will tell each other about it.” Rumor has tremendous power” – Jeff Bezos.

26) “Work is like a sport of supreme achievements.” If you have the champion qualities, attaching work to them, you will achieve everything” – Alisher Usmanov, general director of Gazprominvestholding.

27) “The older I get, the more I’m convinced that the service of voyeurs is the best way to earn money” – Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook social network.

28) “The media has been changing for every hundred years, now is the time of total information exchange between specific people, which is the future of Internet advertising: nothing will work better than your friend’s recommendation that you can see on his page” – Mark Zuckerberg.

29) “The customer cannot be simply satisfied.” The customer should be satisfied!” – Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computer Corporation.

30) “It’s not so important that you sell, how much – how do you do it” – Michael Dell.

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