How to dress the kids for bad weather outdoor play

How to dress the kids for bad weather outdoor play
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Where would the British be without our weather! Too cold, too hot, too wet – it’s not unusual to see four seasons in a day. The easiest way to be dressed appropriately, whatever the weather, is to use layers.

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Layer up

Base layers are the foundations of your outfit and are the key to keeping your child warm; no good putting on a big coat if you don’t have the layers underneath. Think vest, then long sleeved t-shirt, then jumper, and finally, the coat. The warm air is trapped between the lower layers, so a coat might not be necessary – you don’t want them overheating.


Think about what your child will be doing as that will determine the sort of fabric they should be wearing. If it’s wet or snowy outside, avoid heavy materials like denim as these will take a lot longer to dry and your child will get cold in the meantime. Wet clothes cool you down, and when it’s already chilly outside, that’s best avoided.

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Microfleece is great for kids because it’s warm without being bulky so is great for layering. A soft shell jacket is another good investment because it will keep out the wind and the rain.

If playing outside on Childrens wooden climbing frames is on the cards, make sure the clothes are flexible so as not to restrict movement, and hard-wearing enough to take the clambering about and subsequent washing.


Hats and gloves are an important part of keeping warm. A woolly hat is key to staying warm as it covers the ears too, which can get cold very quickly on children. Gloves are great for little hands, but if they’re building snowmen or throwing snowballs, make sure they’re waterproof.

Waterproof footwear is also a great idea for snowy or wet weather, and make sure you have some thick socks underneath – and a spare pair for the inevitable change required!

The National Childcare Trust (NCT) has some guidance on the benefits for children of playing outside so sort out your childrens wooden climbing frames and get outside!

Finally, one of the best things about playing outside in the cold weather is coming back into the house to warm up and enjoy a delicious bowl of warm soup or hot chocolate.

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