How to increase Christmas sales for a small business

How to increase Christmas sales for a small business
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While Christmas is all about Santa and gifts for most people, for retailers there’s only one thing that matters – sales figures. Christmas is so important to retailers that it’s often a case of make or break for many small businesses. So, how do you improve your sales figures during the crucial festive period?

In a nutshell, more customers equal more sales but how do you get those extra customers in through your door? With a little effort and some imagination, it doesn’t have to be as tough as you think.

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Here’s how to increase your Christmas sales:

1) A Sale

You might think that having a sale at this time of year makes no sense but consider the fact that retailers of all sizes offer some type of seasonal sale because they are effective. Now, this can’t just be any old sale but an event that everyone wants to attend.

Have a plan to offer a significant discount on a different item each day. This works well if you offer familiar branded merchandise or specific items people are looking to buy. Offering a discount is the best way to go, not a free something-or-other when you spend a certain amount. If a customer already owns the free item or doesn’t want it, they are not going to engage in the event. Everyone can benefit from a discount.

2) An Event

Special events can really pull in the crowds. You’ve probably been to something similar yourself – stores that hire entertainers, musicians, jugglers and a Santa’s grotto for example. This kind of event can be ideal for attracting families, keeping the kids entertained while grown-ups can get their shopping done. Combined with special discounts and late opening for example and you can really get those figures rising. The best method is to create an event that ties in with your products or services. Don’t forget to set the right atmosphere by choosing engaging In store Music from

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3) Email campaigns

Most businesses rely on social media these days and while this is a great idea, email is also effective and targeted. You might be surprised to learn that email marketing is 3 times more effective than using social media and the resulting customer order is 17% higher. Sending out an email newsletter is crucial for highlighting special offers, events and service promotion.

A daily email is a good idea for daily discounts on specific products. Make sure you woo the customer personally, using their first name in the subject line as this is proven to increase click-through rates. You could offer personal deals to customers that are not available to the public, as being told you’re special is very hard to resist.

4) Target

Whatever actions you decide on for creating your own Christmas rush, make sure you’re getting the word out to the right audience. If your target market doesn’t know what you’re up to, you’re wasting your time and resources. Use social media, target emails and adverts to ensure your Christmas season is a roaring success.


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