Is engineered hardwood a good choice to replace your floors with?

Is engineered hardwood a good choice to replace your floors with?
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Engineered wood is made of plywood with a veneer of a fine hardwood on top making it a versatile and resilient flooring option. It is different to a hardwood laminate in that the surface is made of real wood.

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If you are looking to replace your existing flooring you have many options before you. Tiles, laminate, carpet, linoleum, solid wood or engineered wood are among your best options. Once you have replaced your flooring you may want to download a Property inspection app through sites such as and this will help you keep track of all work needing to be done and when it needs to be done by.

Solid wood

If you’re looking for uniformity, a stained floor is the best option. Solid wood and engineered wood by its very nature has grains and variations in colour and is unique in its finish. Made from one piece of hardwood, such as walnut or oak, solid hardwood flooring is very popular.


Engineered hardwood is a popular alternative to solid wood flooring. It is relatively easy to install and comes in various colours and finishes. There is little difference in the cost to solid wood flooring, but it does depend on the wood finish.

Exotic hardwoods like maple may be more expensive than engineered flooring, but for more common hardwoods, solid wood would come out cheaper. The installation of solid wood takes longer and if you’re paying to have it installed, can overall make it more expensive.

When replacing a floor in your home you need to think about the cost, the benefits and the downsides of each type of floor and the rooms to which they are best suited.

Other options

Cosy carpets are best in bedrooms where dirt is not a big problem.

Lino is good in kitchens and utility rooms as it can be cleaned easily and getting wet is not an issue.

Ceramic tiles are ideal in the bathroom and possibly in a conservatory/garden room because they are strong and durable and water resistant.

Cork, being a good insulator, would suit a bedroom because it is soft and warm to walk on.

Hardwood looks elegant and stylish in the living room and it’s easy to clean and maintain. Laminate is great for high traffic areas, like the hallway as it’s scratchproof and easy to clean.

Whatever your choice is, you must also consider the cost of installation, if you are not installing it yourself, this could make a big difference to your final conclusion.

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