Life is Strange 2: Everything we know so far about this exciting and promising narrative adventure

Life is Strange 2: Everything we know so far about this exciting and promising narrative adventure
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In video games, some of us have come to tell unforgettable stories. Dontnod Entertainment achieved it with the magnificent ‘Life is Strange’, which helped him get a good amount of nominations and awards that served to recognize their excellence.

In order to repeat the move, the company will give us very soon the opportunity to live another very promising adventure of the hand of ‘Life is Strange 2’, a new episodic delivery that will pose a different argument and with different characters.

So, Dontnod is willing to tell us a fantastic story, with very special characters and without missing a supernatural touch. That said, let’s review everything we know so far of the game before its release.

Life is Strange 2

The journey and flight of two brothers

The development team began working on the plot of ‘Life is Strange 2’ once the first season ended, on which we recommend that you do not continue reading this section if you want to avoid spoilers of the first 20 minutes. This time we will follow the journey of the pair of brothers Sean and Daniel, who lived in Seattle and were forced to flee their home after witnessing a tragic incident that took place in it.

At first the life of both was as normal, until one day a neighbor has a fight with little Daniel and Sean, his older brother, comes to his aid. When trying to separate him, Sean gives him a blow that leaves him lying on the ground and badly wounded. To his dismay, at that moment a police officer witnessed the altercation and at gunpoint forces the brothers to lie on the ground.

At that moment the father of our protagonists appears on stage to try to help them and find out what has happened, but with the nerves the policeman just shoots at him, which immediately provokes for some reason an expansive wave that leaves everyone unconscious. When he wakes up Sean discovers that this paranormal event has caused great destruction in the street where they lived.

With the fear of being arrested and not being able to explain what has really happened, Sean will escape with his brother to Mexico, where his father was born. From there, they will begin a hard journey in which they cannot stand and will always be fleeing, which will make us live a story in which both will not have money to feed themselves or find a place to take refuge, besides having to exercise Sean’s father figure and teacher of Daniel constantly.

Life is Strange 2

The importance of decisions, once again

The first ‘Life is Strange’ had a mechanic that precisely became one of its main factors to have to make constant decisions that modified the events that took place later. In ‘Life is Strange 2’ will not be different and players will find numerous situations that will determine the future of our couple of protagonists.

By being in charge of the situation, Sean will have to take care of and protect Daniel. The choices we will make will not only decide what will happen to them, but will also influence the behavior of their little brother. This will force you to always think your acts or words to influence your way of being.

In the long run what will really matter is discovering the people they will become and that will be based on all the decisions that are made. The players will be faced with a lot of situations with which the development team expects them to feel identified and above all empathize with Sean and Daniel.

Life is Strange 2

A second part at the height of its predecessor

The different technical aspects of the first ‘Life is Strange’ were already outstanding and Dontnod Entertainment was clear that it should maintain, at least, the same level. That is why he says that for ‘Life is Strange 2’ he has tried to improve everything, although the artistic section will remain the same, only with more details.

So, the animations have also been perfected, now they will be better and especially the facial animations are now of higher quality. At the same time, the people in charge have put a great emphasis on the voices of the main characters and for that they have done a great amount of tests until choosing the best candidates.

With respect to the soundtrack, the goal was to achieve something different, but that the composer was again Jonathan Morali. For the occasion he has composed some more electronic subjects that bet for sounds more processed and with more rhythm. Throughout the game the music will evolve until reaching a point that will be another of the fundamental sections.

Release date and platforms

What will not change in ‘Life is Strange 2’ will be the fact that it will be distributed in a total of five different episodes. The first one will be available from September 27 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Even so, until then you can also download and free of charge ‘The incredible adventures of Captain Spirit’, a spin-off of this new adventure and on which it is not ruled out that it has some kind of relationship in history, although moment is soon to secure it.

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