Make Your Own Outdoor Seat Cushions

Make Your Own Outdoor Seat Cushions
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We can finally feel Spring in the air, so it’s time to think about tidying up the garden and preparing for some outdoor living.   If you plan to host garden parties, casual get-togethers or the occasional BBQ, you’ll need plenty of outdoor seating. It’s handy to have somewhere to store all your party essentials, seat covers and chairs. If you have an outdoor garage you can store them in why not invest in Garage Shelving from sites like  . If your old wooden fold-up chairs are looking a little battered, then why not make your own seat cushions to give them a new lease of life? You’ve still got time before the clocks go forward!

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What you’ll need:

– fabric of your choice but something comfy like cotton.

– 1 inch foam (or thicker for super comfort)

– Velcro strap

– sewing machine

– sewing scissors

– needle and thread

– measuring tape

– pins

How to make the cushioned seatpad:

  1. Start by measuring the seat area of your desired chair
  2. Cut out your foam in line with those measurements
  3. Fold the material in half and cut to the measurements of the seat plus an additional 1.5 inches for a hem.
  4. You’ll need to cut 4 strips of Velcro straps to about 4 inches in length
  5. Position the fabric onto the seat of the chair and work out where the straps will need to be placed
  6. Attach 2 of the straps together, allowing an overlap of about 1.5 inches. Position the strap between the 2 pieces of fabric with 0.5 inch hanging out from the fabric. Pin the strap in place and repeat the process with the other 2 sections of Velcro strapping. On the opposite side of the cushion

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  1. Stitch around 2 of the open sides (not the side with the fold). Make sure you sew over the Velcro straps to fully secure them
  2. Stitch to about halfway down the last edge, then turn the fabric inside out. Now is a good time to iron if your fabric is creased
  3. Use the opening to insert the foam, then apply a whip stitch to close the section
  4. Position the cushion onto the seat of the chair and fasten the Velcro strips to the back of the chair if it has slats, the side if it doesn’t

Repeat the simple steps to make as many seat cushions as you need for your outdoor chair set. The beauty of making your own is that you get truly unique designs and patterns, unavailable to buy ready made in store. You choose the colour, theme and thickness of your seat pad, without having to settle for whatever is in stock at the time at your local homeware store.

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